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Dec 24, 2006 12:31 AM

Ruths Chris or Lark Creek Steak? Which one for b-day steak?

Looking for a good steak restaurant. My hubby loves steak & his b-day is coming up. Which one offers a better steak? (More details, the better) We like atmosphere but the taste is definitely most important!


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    1. Never been to Lark Creed so of the two I'd head to Ruth's.

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      1. re: rtmonty

        Well, I've been to Lark Creek, but not to Ruth's Chris, so I'd say go to Lark Creek. Then again, I didn't have steak at Lark Creek.

        Seriously, the food we had at LC was flavorful, well-executed and plentiful. The service was attentive.

      2. Even though it's chain, Ruth's Chris is the best steak around. They sear it in a 900 degree oven and it is unbelievable and it is thee best prime beef. It is expensive but worth every penny. Your husband will love it.

        It's also a great American success story. Ruth was a single mom in New Orleans and bought (with huge risky debt) the place she worked at, Chris's steak house, and went on to build the chain and the rest is history. Had the pleasure of meeting her at the flagship while dining alone and she joined me for a glass of wine. This was way after her success and she still seemed like someone's sweet little grandma rather than a tycoon. She passed away a few years back.