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Dec 23, 2006 11:56 PM

Allentown Steakhouses?

I've been in Allentown about 6 years now and have yet to find a good steakhouse. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for a place that makes a killer filet mignon, without any sauces or decoration. Steak was meant to be tasted...not slathered in some chef's fancy sauces.


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  1. Try Pickles Steakhouse in Emmaus

    1. I've been to Gregorys (didnt like it) and I was under the impression they were owned by the same owner. Is it different? I had totally forgotten about that place though!

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        I had a good experience. Went for lunch and had a burger. My accomplice had the 24oz Ribeye and it looked excellent. They have a great tap list here as well if you're into the micro scene.