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Dec 23, 2006 11:01 PM

May Garden-Taiwanese Food

MAY GARDEN is a Chinese Restaurant near Newport Beach that by Special Request can make some very good Taiwanese Food.
I called the Chef(Eric) and ordered a Special Authentic Taiwanese Lunch for 12 last week and the food was amazing(3 day notice required for the menu below).


Shrimp Salad w/tempura, glazed walnuts, raisins, Ginger Dressing


Live Maine Lobster (House Special in French Cream Sauce)

Filet of Tenderloin w/peppers, onions, oyster sauce

Jumbo Shrimp Rangoon (stuffed with cream cheese)


Fresh Maine Scallops w/ aromatic sauce

Sesame Chicken

Whole Fried Fish

Very light Fried Rice w/bbq pork, Shrimp , Chicken

Fortune cookie

35- ea food only (unbelievable price)

May Garden Restaurant
1400 SE Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92707

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  1. O.M.G.

    Do you know if the owners used to run Tsuru in Newport Beach? We were so depressed when that place closed down.

    I figure it's worth asking, since how many fancy Taiwanese places are there, and how many are in OC?

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    1. re: Pei

      Actually, Chef Eric used to own China Bistro in south Laguna. Good stuff.

        1. re: applegirl

          Thank you so much! I'm so there.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Where's the stinky tofu?

          Mr Taster

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          1. re: Mr Taster

            or the oyster & rice noodle soup. lol

          2. I love their Crispy Shrimp. Its so good it should be illegal.


            1. The French cream sauce and the shrimp rangoon do not seem authentic to me. IMHO, dairy products have absolutely no place in Chinese cooking =).