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Dec 23, 2006 10:32 PM

Chinese lobster sauce

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I love Boston style lobster sauce. Does anyone have a recipe for the dark style lobster sauce that is unique to the Boston area? I have tried many but none that comes out like the Boston style sauce. What makes it so dark?

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  1. Could be the addition of black beans...many Chinese cookbooks offer this option to the White/eggy lobster fact this is the kind one mostlly finds here in S.F.

    1. You might have better luck on the Boston board where people will be familar with the dish. I don't know of a dark one.

      1. Actually, the term "lobster sauce" is a bit misleading. It is the sauce customarily used with Lobster Cantonese...stir fried with onions, peppers and black bean sauce. Often ground pork is used as additional flavoring (sometimes Italian sausage). I have never seen dark sauce on Chinese lobster in the West, but I'll bet some soy will darken your "lobster sauce". Especially the thick mushroon soy used in Thai cooking.

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          In the New York area, Lobster Sauce did not contain black beans it was a purer white egg sauce with the addition of chopped pork for texture...the Lobster Sauce I have experienced here on the West Coast WITH black beans.. obviously adds both a deeper color and a heavier flavor than the light one...

        2. I am familiar with the dark sauce that you speak of. I have to regret that here in the south, chinese food is lacking in the flavor department. I have been looking myself for sometime for the recipe for this, and have yet to find one that seems to fit what i am looking for. I do know that it contains oyster sauce (adds darkness), peanut oil, ground pork, shrimp, VERY little soy sauce. As far as the beans go, there was never any beans in the sauce that I am used to. May be a different varient of the sauce. That is all that I know. I have tried the "white sauce" and was not impressed. Thank you and goodluck cooking everyone!