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Dec 23, 2006 10:22 PM

Where to buy an cezve/ibrik?

Hi all,

I got hooked on Turkish coffee while at school, thanks to a fellow graduate student. I ordered the coffee online (Mehmet Efendi), but now am in need of a cezve in which to make the coffee. If anyone has any suggestions for where I might buy one in Manhattan (or a store in Brooklyn), I would be really going through withdrawal. Thanks!

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  1. Lots of Places on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn (From Clinton to Court St.) will have them in all sizes. I'm not sure that they have the best selection, but Sahadi's has them along with a huge selection of foods and spices. Excellent prices on good (but usually not great) coffees as well.

    1. Where online were you able to find coffee from Mehmet Efendi? I see they have a site, but it does not seem to take orders.

      I miss their shop at perhaps the most fragrant corner in all of Istanbul.

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        I ordered it from Ayhan's Marketplace through (Just search for Mehmet Efendi with the search feature). Just be warned that it may overpriced, esp. w/ the shipping and handling...I had no other way of getting it, so I just went ahead anyway.

        Thanks so much for the advice to both! I will be taking a field trip tomorrow!

      2. Please visit They have an excellent Turkish Coffee and they are selling any kind of toll to make a good Turkish Coffee

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. They also have ibriks in many of the Indian shops in Murray Hill as well as Kalustyans.