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Alpharetta, GA recs?

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I did a search for Alpharetta eats and the last extensive response was about 3 years old. Any updated recs on where to eat in Alpharetta? I'll be here for 2+ weeks and like all varieties of food-- any price range, any cuisine-- it just has to be good!


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  1. One of the best sushi restaurants in the entire Atlanta area is Sushi Nami. They are little known but the quality and freshness is unmatched. You may hear this a lot at other places, but I'm not joking here. This isn't a fancy see and be seen place, which makes it all the more appealing; no greasy guys and no slutty girls. They have a BRAND new website that is still under construction, but it'll give you a tiny idea of the place: http://sushinami.com/ Make sure you hit the correct door, they are in the same building as a Chinese restaurant. Ask for Scott and ask about the small live crabs!

    5316 Windward Pkwy # B
    Alpharetta, GA 30004
    (678) 566-3889

    1. http://www.openlist.com/restaurants-b...

      check these out following the links ...

      I love Killer Creek and enjoy the Italian food.. and there are huge mounds of it .. at Buca di Beppo ...

      1. Ubon for Thai, Di Paolo for Italian, Xian for Chinese, Pure for somewhat Mex, somewhat Tex, Stacie's for real cheesesteaks and good sandwiches (lunch only). Depending on what part of Alpharetta, there are a lot of good places in Roswell too.

        1. I also recommend Buca di Beppo for Italian food...
          Atlantic Seafood Company for Seafood and Martinis, Stoney River has REALLY great steaks and side dishes, La Parilla for some Mexican food.... Taco Mac has good bar food, chicken fingers, etc... Wild Wing Cafe has great wings....
          Let me know if you want directions or locations of any of them! Ive lived in Alpharetta for years and we love the variety of food here. We never get sick of eating out!

          1. Oh if you want BBQ, go to Smokey Bones or Famous Daves!

            1. I don't know about Buco di Beppo. I have not had anything good there at all. Way too salty and a canny taste to their sauces. Famous Daves is good and Atlantic Seafood yes.

              1. I will have to disagree with a few of those suggestions. Famous Dave’s and Smokey Bone’s are middling chain barbecue, the latter the better. Swallow at the Hallow, not far away, is much better.

                Atlantic Seafood is good, but bring the vault. Bucca is okay I guess, but DiPaola in another league altogether. Stoney River, though for a medium priced steakhouse, is a good option.

                Taco Mac is just plain horrible Tex-Mex. But the beer selection is nice. I just would not eat there.

                1. I like Tratoria Monico (off Windward Parkway) for authentic Italian and Sia's (in Duluth but not far).

                  1. Alpha Soda is a good meat and three, as is Midway Meal House, which is north on Alpharetta Hwy toward Cumming. Pure Taqueria is good. For Mexican food prepared for Mexican clientele, go to El Azteca Groceria or Taco Mas on Alpharetta Hwy in Roswell in the block south of Holcomb Bridge Rd/Crossville Rd intersection. Carniceria San Miguel on Holcomb Bridge at the first traffic light west of GA 400 is also very good. These three are all very casual, inexpensive, and modest in menu selections - but what they offer is top notch. Silos Grille in the Crabapple community west of Alpharetta (take Mayfield Road west from Alpharetta Hwy) is a very good upscale restaurant. Atlantic Seafood (already mentioned) is worth a trip, as is Byblos (just north of Holcomb Bridge on Alpharetta Hwy in Roswell. Swallow at the Hollow and Greenfield's on Green Street in Roswell are worth the drive.

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                      I agree, Pure Taqueria is really good. Also, try Milton's in Crabapple. I do not recommend Buca, Taco Mac, Atlantic Seafood and the bbq places mentioned with the exception of Swallow at the Hollow.

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                        In re-reading my post, I realized that I forgot to include Ubon and Zola - both on Alpharetta Hwy north of downtown Alpharetta.

                      2. There is a Pappadeaux's seafood kitchen in Alpharetta. Great cajun seafood. Check out their menu on the website http://www.pappadeaux.com

                        1. Folks, more than half of the info here is for chain restaurants. If you want to glorify your favorite chain there is a separate category for that. In the meantime, lets try to showcase Alpharetta in a better light, not simply mention national chain restaurants. I second Sia's as a good bet for fine dining in the area.

                          1. Dees Thai on Old Milton serves some excellent Thai, just expect a little bit of a wait on weekends.

                            1. I particularly liked the Village Tavern
                              on Rainwater just off of Haynes Bridge -- behind the Alpharetta Varsity. They have a varied menu (I had a very good steak there -- cooked correctly and delicious). Good service, a little pricier than the bigger national chains, but good value. Another is Stoney River http://www.stoneyriver.com/locations.cfm in Duluth just outside of Alpharetta -- upscale casual dining with good steaks.

                              1. My recommendations bleed into Roswell, GA ... but on Alpharetta Street...does that count? :)

                                Sugo - at Clocktower Place in Roswell - Italian/Greek, very good - ask Frederico to take you through the menu.

                                Amafli - Used to be Salvatorre - Good Italian food from Naples area. Great fish and excellent gnochi

                                Edible Expressions - for lunch only - great seared chicken sandwich, bowtie pasta salad and desserts

                                Nagoya - Habachi is great price and very good. Sushi is more pricy but also very good.

                                Taco Mas - Alpharetta Hwy across from Car Spa. The best taco's I've had outside of Mexico. I eat here 3-4 times a week. I can't get enough. The tortillas are handmade daily. Order from the menu on the wall - I usually get my tacos with just onions, cilantro, and chicken - get limes and salsa from the bar and go to town. It's awesome!

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                                  You have some good recs Roswell Foodie, but you missed many of the best in that area. Oak Street Café is my personal favorite over there, but Fickle Pickle, Roswell Tea House, Greenwood’s on Green Street, Roswell Kitchen, Swallow at the Hallow, Metanoya, Supermarcado Jalisco and 946 South are some of the other excellent choices. I’m glad to see Edible Expressions mentioned. It should get more props on the restaurant boards,

                                2. I work in Alpharetta close to Duluth, so my picks are closer to that neck of the woods. For Indian, try Minerva on Old Milton or Sri Krishna Vilas on Jones Bridge Rd. Both have interesting lunch buffets. Marlows Tavern at Jones Bridge & Old Alabama is pretty good, and Five Seasons (or is it Four, can't remember offhand) has just opened a gastropub on Old Milton.

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                                  1. Don't forget about Rhea's for fresh and tasty burgers -