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Dec 23, 2006 09:01 PM

Messed up vinegarette...need help quick please

I made a vinegarette out of oil, balsamic, garlic, and basil. I always make mine in my little bullet and mix everything together and blend. I am at my Parent's house and was using my Mom's immersion blender and I now have a huge pile of fatty substance. Is this savable or not? i used great oil and vinegar and guests are coming in a few. Thanks

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  1. Meaning, like glop? If it's all gloppy, I would add a little more balsamic and a little more oil and whisk that in to thin it. But if you are dressing the salad beforehand, you can still use it as is. Just toss it longer.

    1. It has super-emulsified! It is bascially the same but the oil has been whipped so well the acid that it has become more homogenous than usual. It is fine to use, and should taste the same as the regular version. It will work the same way once you toss it with the salad.

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        I agree. If you want to thin it a bit you can always whisk in a little water... I'd go a half teaspoon at a time not knowing how much dressing you made.

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          It will thin out on standing. Taste it. Does it taste good and the way you want it to? If it tastes right just toss with the salad and serve. As hrhboo said, it is just emulsified. I would not bother thinning unless the flavor is just too strong because adding water will just thin the flavor.

        2. I'll try the more oil and vinegar approach. Thank you so much

          1. Well, Dinner guests are late which is a good thing. I added some water and the taste is now perfect, and the glob consistency has loosened a bit but it is still way too thick. Should I add more oil and vinegar at this point? The only reason I didn't at first is bc we made sooo much to begin with, however, I will do what it takes to salvage this vinegarette. How long would it take too loosen if it stands? It's the consistency of Marie's Blue Cheese Dressing right now. Thanks

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              I really wouldn't worry about it. I'd dollop a little on the salads or dress as-is. If you're not tossing the salad before serving, people will mix it in themselves and the taste will be just fine. No worries!