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Dec 23, 2006 09:01 PM

In town Dec 26-28. Where to go?

We're staying near Union Square. I've checked out a couple of the Union Square threads, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. It's a dad and his 2 adult sons, so we aren't looking romantic. Looking moderately priced for the most part, but a pretty nice dinner at least one night would be great.

On the 26th,
lunch - sushi
dinner - good italian. Somewhere in North Beach was my guess. Seen Da Flora and Azziza recommended.

lunch/early dinner - somewhere fun, hopefully near AT&T Park before the Emerald Bowl

28th -
breakfast - where ever
lunch - I've seen a bunch of different opinions about the Ferry Building, still not sure about it. Zuni also seems highly recommended, better for lunch or dinner?

Any help would be great. We're coming from LA, if that changes anything.


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  1. We were underwhelmed by dinner at Da Flora - we ate slowly and our mains came out over cooked. Good things seem to be said these days about Rose Pistola (check the listings) and people are very happy with Perbacco.

    For red sauce style Italian (great pizza) try Tommmasos.

    Tommasos is no reservations, make sure you call to book a table for any of the other restaurants (including Da Flora).

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      Rose Pistola has a booth outside at the Ferry Building. I had a wonderful egg sandwich there this morning. It was served on soft, grilled french bread w/ basil, mozzerella & apple smoked bacon, w/ a side of redskin potatoes. Super yum!

    2. Aziza is Cal-Moroccan, not Italian.

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        ah, got confused when I was researching, thanks for the head's up.

      2. Here are my rec's:
        - Lunch - Japantown's Maki for cozy and casual, or Ozumo for contemporary and upscale.
        - Dinner - The North Beach Restaurant or Trattoria Contadina for Italian in North Beach, Perbacco or Delfina for outside the neighborhood Italian.

        - Breakfast - Mama's on Washington Square
        - Lunch/Early Dinner - Slanted Door (Ferry Building then hop on the N-Judah Inbound train to the Park) or Tres Agaves (excellent tequila selection)

        - Breakfast - Dottie's True Blue Cafe
        - Lunch - Hog Island Oyster Bar (Ferry Building) or Yank Sing (amazing dim sum spread)

        Have a great trip!

        1. The 26th is a bad day to eat sushi, especially lunch. The fish will have been purchased yesterday or today (24th) at best.

          Swap it out for later in the week.

          1. The 26th for Italian -
            for more trattoria style casual dining I'd go with Trattoria Contadina or L'Osteria del Forno. For something more upscale I'd recommend Incanto or Perbacco.

            The 27th before the Emerald Bowl you'll have lots of choices near the ballpark. The 21st Amendment is a casual brewpub,the chef changed last year, which wasn't a good thing but the burgers and pizzas are still good as is the beer.
            Primo Patio Cafe is a little Carribean joint on Townsend with great jerk chicken - but I'd suggest calling to check their hours this week.

            The crowds will be at the Paragon and Momos. I'd avoid them.