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Dec 23, 2006 08:45 PM

OZ the chophouse

Has anyone eaten there? One open a short time ago off of Route 29 in Howard County. How does it compare to Mortons and places like that.

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  1. It doesn't...go somehwere else. Would you want to pay $14.00 for a martini in Laurel?

    1. Question: How can you judge a place just because it charges $14 for a drink in Laurel? There are many great places to eat outside of major cities. oZ deserves the benefit of a review based upon someone's having dined there.

      1. I’ve been there. I was attracted to the idea that you could order a steak cut the size you wanted. Unfortunately, they have minimum sizes that are as big as any other steak house. The steaks themselves were OK but nothing to write home about.

        If you want a really good, but expensive steak house in Howard Co go to Jordan’s in Ellicott City.


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          Thanks, Michael, I will check it out.

        2. I drop in for a drink or a quick dinner about once a week. I like the place, it's casual but nice and everyone is very friendly. I personally enjoy the steaks, not really sure how you would make them better. I saw this posting and happened to go in for dinner tonight - the bartender gave me the lowdown on portions. Filets are available from 4oz - 20oz, Strip: 8 - 24oz, Porterhouse: 20-64oz., Ribeye and Prime Rib: 16-40oz. A 4oz filet is pretty small in my opinion and I got the 16 oz. Prime Rib, very nice. They aparently are limited to certain sizes b/c they cut the steaks thinner, they don't trim them to reduce the size. Thus a 40 oz. Prime Rib and a 16 oz. are the same surface area, just one is thick and one is thin. The bartender said they limit the size (both large and small) so that they have more control over the temp of the steak. Whew! Sorry I'm babbling, just thought I'd help with some info.

          By the way, I agree with your recommendation on Jordan's or even Morton's, but I think oz is quite a bit cheaper than these two and a bit more on the casual side. Give it a try if you're in the area.

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