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Dec 23, 2006 08:37 PM

great food between Athens GA & Carolina Coast?

We'll be traveling between Athens and Ocracoke N.C. soon, and wondered if anyone had tips on great food along I-20 and I-95 on the way.

We usually break the trip up into a long haul the first day and a shorter one the second, so a little bit off the main highway is fine if the food is worth it. We could always hunker down in a cheap hotel near the restaurant, or drive back to the highway and stay near it. We're flexible! We're hungry!

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  1. you must stop in greensboro at 21 south elm. superb. where else would you get crab cakes with blue cheese sweet potatoes? wonderful. the chef is really gifted. i don't know if that is on the way to where you are going but i sure hope so.

    1. Not a spot on the way but if you are visiting Ocracoke, I have to recommend The Back Porch Cafe. Great atmosphere. Cool people. Excellent food. Crab cakes with roasted red pepper sauce are always a winner.

      1. Also on Ocracoke, the Pelican has an excellent She Crab Soup. And we love sitting on the docks at Smac 'N Ally's eating burgers or steamed shrimp and watching the hauls from the charter boats.

        Things on the island will start opening soon. Right now, just about everything is closed.