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Dec 23, 2006 08:12 PM

How to heat up cooked crab?

I'm leaving San Francisco for good next week, and as a going away present, I bought myself a whole cooked, cleaned dungeness crab for dinner. Being a Midwestern boy, I need some advice on how to heat it back up without ruining it. Is steaming or boiling better. For how long? Help!

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  1. Sautee' the cleaned crab in some butter or make yourself some crabcakes. I wouldn't dare try re-heating it in the shell and don't heat it too long in the can ruin it.

    1. I find steaming it the best way to reheat cooked crabs without ruining the flavors. don't reheat by boiling as all the flavors will be lost into the water!

      If you only want to serve it slightly warm, then steaming should work well. I would not recommend steaming it to HOT as the meat will get tough.

      Hope this helps.