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Dec 23, 2006 08:10 PM

Waterfront dining in Orlando

Any recommendations for restaurants with waterfront (lakeside?) dining in the greater Orlando metro area?

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  1. So, no takers so far?

    I'll see what I can add.

    Lakeside Inn in Mt. Dora. Doesn't have the best food in town, but it has history and location -- and the food is OK.

    Dead River Vic's in Leesburg. Pretty casual, but the good is pretty good.

    There also used to be a place at the marina on 441 south of Leesburg, but I think it's a chain now.

    Otter's at the Marina on Lake Monre in Sanford is a cheeseburger and beer kind of place, rowdy, but not bad food for that category. Not sure, but I suspect there may be others anywhere from Sanford to DeLand along the river.

    Gina's in Altamonte, and perhaps something new in that uptown Altamonte area.

    The restauant at the Weikiva Marina burned down a few years ago and has never been rebuilt as far as I know.

    The old Spanish Sugar Mill at DeLeon Springs state park is right near the springs, if you like to make your own pancakes.

    Julie's Waterfront on South Orange Ave. sits on the lake, They serve wings and other bar food. Gentry's right across the stree doesn't have much of a lakefront view, but the food is better.

    None of the lafefront sites at Balwdin Park are open yet. Perhaps next April?

    Narcoosee's at Disney sits on the water at the Grand Floridian.
    Probably the best waterfront dining, however, is a Fulton's.

    Both Samba Room and Timpano's use their back porch, overlooking the lake there.

    Those are a few that come to mind. I'll follow up as the mind starts working again . . .


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    1. Houston's in Winter Park--great waterfront rest. Has a dock with benches and chairs you can bring a bottle of wine out there while waiting for a table. Foos is delicious best prime rib i've ever had.

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        I agree...the set up of Houstons is really condusive to lakeside viewing (plus the grilled artichokes rock). Also, that Mexican place Colibri in Baldwin Park is right on the lake and has a nice view.

      2. The Greek Corner on Orange (lake Ivanhoe)

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          Dead river vic's in leesburg is now called Harborside. i have heard the food is better than it was during vic's handling and that says alot!

          There are quite a few waterfront places in lake county.

          Big johns- on lake Harris in tavares. try the Hamburgers(hand made pattys)
          Sinbads- on 441Tavares. Sits on lake Eustis.Cook your own Steak tuesday Nights.
          Black water Inn- on Hwy 40 in astor on the St. Johns River. Best catfish around.
          O'Kieffs- Downtown tavares on lake dora. Irish Steaks,beers and whisky.
          Pieces Rising- 4th Avenue in mt. Dora and overlooks lake dora. Upscale clientel.