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Dec 23, 2006 08:03 PM

Salisbury MD New Years


We are spending New Year's weekend at the Eastern Shore--in Salisbury, MD. I found a few old posts about a good Pakistani place for takeaway and a Mexican place, but what about a New Year's Eve dinner? Any price is ok. We are willing to drive to OC or anywhere else within reason. Any ideas? We just need to relax and enjoy something nice/different. It's been a tough year for us. Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Suicide Bridge....

    Ocean City: this is a major destination for New Year's Eve and you will find that most hotels require three days' confirmation (i.e. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, New Year's Day). The experience of walking on the boardwalk to start the New Year is an incredible one, more than worthwhile, more than worth finding a way to at least visit OC even if just for the day. But if you don't want to travel too far consider Suicide Bridge which is a very, very good Maryland style seafood restaurant and has a large second floor club with a live band and room for 250+ people.

    1. There are two upscale restaurants worth considering in Easton, Maryland, an easy drive west on Route 50 from Salisbury.

      The Inn at Easton is one of the last places Johnny Apple reviewed for the New York Times before he died and he gave it raves. It deserves every accolade. Elegant, creative, unusual, some Asian touches. Local fish and produce as well as unlikely things flown in from the chef/owner's native Australia. Washington Post gave it 3 stars.

      Scossa is a slightly lesser light but the Italian food is far from ordinary. The chef is Northern Italian, worked for the Ciprianis and does wonderful things with local Chesapeke Bay seafood. Great risotto and polenta with seafood. The kind of place that reminds you that Italian is waaaay more than pasta. Washington Post critic called it a destination restaurant.

      1. My folks and I second Suicide Bridge, although Boonies may have an edge in that type of cuisine, and it's closer to Salisbury. I'll bet Boonies is a festive place to spend New Year's Eve.

        In Salisbury itself, we've spent some excellent and fun New Year's Eves at the tasty Mediterranean/South American/seafood restaurant Cactus Taverna.

        Another post I made not long ago about the area:

        The Pakistani take-out place has now closed, as I understand it, and is being replaced by a Carribean place. But the food at the new Indian restaurant in town, Namaste, is really great. And it actually has a little bit of atmosphere and good service, too. I strongly recommend this place, although you might want something more popular and crowded on New Year's Eve.

        Meanwhile, the Korean restaurant, Seoul, is apparently still open, even though my parents were convinced, for some reason, that it had closed. Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if I can get over there before I have to end this visit with the folks and head back up to NJ. That's probably not a good choice for New Year's Eve, because it's always dead, but if you want to try something different and good, give it your support (some other time than New Year's Eve) before it croaks.

        1. Market St. Inn does a nice a New Year's package. And as for the beach, I would try Marlin Moon Grille - it's an excellent spot with wonderful food! Or Fager's is good also, but you'll want to do the "fine dining" side. My fav beach spot though is Liquid Assests...not really for NY. But worth a visit! The Grove Market is fabulous too, but extremely hard to get reservations.

          I personally can't see doing Suicide Bridge for NY. It's more home cooking and a country atmosphere.

          1. Thank you all!
            In Salisbury, we ate at Namaste on the first evening--the Palak Paneer and the lamb curry were outstanding. That strip mall is interesting--with a Brazilian buffet (unfortunately closed the next day:-( ) and a Brazilian market as well as a Chinese gift shop. For New Year's Eve, we got reservations at Cactus Taverna...The exterior is not so appealing, so your tip helped--we would have driven right past! The interior is nicely decorated; there was live music (spanish guitar/female vocalist) and the grilled salmon in a light mango sauce & the rockfish with mushrooms in a white wine sauce we ordered were excellent! The vegetables that came with our meals were wonderful as well. Great service to boot! Thank you hounds!!