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Good winery clubs?

We had a Roshambo membership and are letting it expire. They had some fun events and a two bottles per quarter wine club. What other similar type wine clubs do you recommend? We like the member events as much as receiving the wine.

(FYI: Note about Roshambo--they just announced they are selling their space and downsizing. Sounds like their business plan didn't pan out. Hopefully this will help them refocus on quality, we found the wines good, but kind of hit and miss.)

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  1. I like the clubs offered by Ridge. They have 3 clubs that I am aware of: The Z List, which is an all zinfandel club; the ATP, which is their smaller production wines and I believe they have an all Monte Bello club. They have some events for members at their Cupertino winery. I am not sure if they have events at their Lytton tasting room.

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      Do you have a preference out of the 3?
      Always been a fan of their Zinfandels, so sounds like Z list is the way to go.

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        For my taste, the ATP is the best of them. I like it best because there are a variety of wines, not just Zinfandel. However, if Zinfandel is your preferred tipple, you would want to join The Z List.

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          I am a member of the ATP, and I enjoy it tremendously. For one, the wines are a bit different than the widely available Ridge wines, but are of the same superior quality. Second, the wines are typically ready to drink rather than cellar, so it's fun to give them a try when they arrive.

          I would love to join the Z List, but it's rather pricey. In addition, I have found a wide variety of the Zinfandels to be available in retail locations.

    2. We have been getting quarterly shipments from J Winery in Sonoma. Every November you get a magnum of their vintage champagne, which is fun. I have really enjoyed their chardonnays...their pinot noirs have been more variable but quality is very good. You also get to try fun stuff like pinotage, viognier, pinot gris, etc. If I lived in the bay area I would love to get to the winery more often, it is very pleasant, in Healdsburg, adjacent to Rodney Strong (I think). They serve nice hors d'oeuvres with the tastings.

      1. I am not the world's biggest fan of wine clubs generally, in that you often have to take what the winery sends you -- rather than getting only the (types of) wines you like. I like hundreds of wines, but I find that I rarely love all wines from a single winery equally. (In other words, I find I prefer this winery's Pinot Noir, that winery's Zinfandel, and the Syrah from that winery over there.) Thus -- for me -- wine clubs tend to "stick" me with wines that, while I may like them, I don't love them . . . .

        That said, there are some which let you "tailor" your shipments.

        Ridge, as noted above, is my favorite for precisely the reasons cited above.

        1. I belong to Justin Winery's club- have had good luck with them over the years. Yes, they let you indicate some preference, but not total choice, although you have discounts and first shot at some of the special bottlings, etc.

          1. Can one join a wine club in Pennsylvania?

            1. K and L has a pretty good club.


              They are a very good wine shop and they chose good wines for you to try. If you go with a winery club, you can't do better than Ridge.

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                I had great experience with the K & L red club

              2. I like the smaller wineries that you can't get in most wone stores. I especially like Brander Vineyards in California, and I'm a fan of Terre Rouge in California, although not everyone is, and for some of you, you can find them fairly easily (I recommend their Enigma White Blend).

                If they ever make a wine club, Rulo winery in Walla Walla is amazing (particularly the Syrah), and Patricia Green Cellars in Oregon is fantastic, too.

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                  Does Brander have a club?
                  I was introduced to their cuvee Natalie by one of my favorite restaruants and have been hooked ever since. I've ordered bottles from them online, but didn't realize they offered a club.

                2. I am a member of several wine clubs. Here are my favorites:
                  - Ridge ATP -- high quality, unusual wines, ready to drink

                  - Steltzner -- great small winery in the Stag's Leap district, great Cabs and Pinotage!

                  - Mayo -- this was a great find, 6 bottles twice a year

                  - Prager Port Club -- fun port wines, crazy little winery -- my favorite is the Petite Sirah port

                  - Clos du Bois Harvest Club -- *not* everyday Clos du Bois wines -- many unusual selections, library wines, and fantastic discounts if you buy more

                  - Seghesio -- mostly Zinfandels, occasionally some of the Orange-label Italian varietals

                  I typically join clubs that send me wines that are not widely distributed. I get unhappy when I pay for shipping on a bottle of wine that I can buy down the street.

                  Of the clubs I mentioned, Seghesio sometimes does this. But I stick with them because some of the more unusual wines outweigh the occasional arrival of an Old Vine Zinfandel.

                  1. Justin is great. They make fantastic wines all across the board. Their Reserve Chardonnay is effing fantastic.

                    They do send their best wines as well as their experimental wines in their club. I recommend taking whatever they want to send.

                    But be sure to let the cabs sit for a year.

                    1. Bonny Doon. You get 2x bottles per shipment, and can have them sent either 4x or 6x a year. They have switched to biodynamic farming, and sold the Big House brand, so they will be making lots more small-production wines and will be harder to find in stores. Good if you like a wide range of Rhone and Italian varietals.

                      1. I was a member of Merryvale wine club for a couple of years...They have severla to choose from depending on types of wine (red v. wgite) and price point. The shipments are every other month for a fixed cost. the retail value of the wine you receive is generally 10-15% greater than what you pay. Occassionally you get stuck with their low-end Starmont bottlings, but I keep those around for my friends that just ask for "whatever red" I have. The newsletters that accompanied the shipments were interesting and includes alot of members-only offers.