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Good Persian restaurant somewhere?

We have a car and are looking for an outing so location is less of an issue than terrific food.

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  1. We love the Persian Tea Room on the service rd of the LIE in Little Neck

    1. Have never been, but I've read good things about Patoug, which is on Horace Harding Expressway, Bayside Queens. Exit 29 (Springfield Blvd) off the LIE. Anyhow, here are some previous threads on the topic:

      1. Ravaugh is good on Willis Ave in Roslyn, LI...For Kosher Persian --been many times--there's Colbeh in Kew Garden Hills on Main STreet, and also one on Willis Ave down the street from Ravaugh---also, heard Persian Tea Room is good also, but I've never been there.

        1. There's also a Colbeh on 39th St. in Manhattan. Has anybody been? I pass it every time I go to Szechuan Gourmet. It's rather pricey.

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            We've been to Colbeh on 39th street for lunch just once about two years ago - it was absolutely terrible. Unbelievable: gristly, dried-out kebab served with oily old rice. The waiter brought the wrong rice side with my fish kebab. When he returned with the correct dish, he slopped half of the dilled rice into my lap without apology or remedy.

            As a final insult, the lukewarm tea was served with non-dairy creamer, which is just so completely un-Iranian I can't even begin.

            Because rice with meat or fish kebab is such a simple dish, their careless and inauthentic preparation of the food came through loud and clear. It seems to me that Colbeh is far more a kosher restaurant than a Persian restaurant, and not even a good kosher restaurant.

            Our awful lunch might have been an anomaly - we didn't go back to find out. I've also heard that the branch of Colbeh in Long Island is much better, although I can't imagine going there after our experience on 39th street.

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              go to the colbeh location on main street in kew gardens hills, which is not too far from queens college. i definitely think it's the best of the three colbeh branches.

              the great neck, long island branch is ok, too, but i definitely wouldn't recommend the manhattan branch. never had a good experience there.

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                Stay away from the Great Neck branch, it has a small catering hall attached to the restaurant and the food reflects that, pretty poor stuff.

          2. I haven't been to Colbeh myself however my fussy eater daughter has been there many times and says it is quite good. It's pricey because it is Kosher.

            1. Okay, I apologize, this place is not in the OB, but it's good. They tend to be very busy and very disorganized, though. Have the Juje Kebab, which is cornish hen. It's great. Salads and aps are also generally good, as are the soups. Prices are very reasonable.


              oh and PS: I have really only been to the 1st Ave location - can't speak for the other one.

              1. I suggested Ravaugh already with the Willis Ave location, which is very good....

                1. Oh. I wasn't aware that those were the same people. Well, it is good, anyway. Sorry.

                  1. Jasmine Restaurant
                    11 East 30th Street (between 5th & Madison), New York
                    Open on Sundays 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM

                    Iranian Restaurant Telephone Number in New York City (212) 251-8884/5

                    This restaurant is pretty good for Persian. Entrees were also under $20 and the food was good.

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                      Jasmine is what Ravagh used to be called years ago, before it switched owners.

                      Unfortunately, our experiences at Ravagh on 30th street were unimpressive (and last May seemed quite downhill from what I remembered three years ago), but based on Janie's recommendation above we will try the one on Willis Ave in Roslyn.

                    2. That's very weird - Jasmine and Ravagh have the exact same address, and I can remember a restaurant at that address that used to be called Jasmine.

                      But Ravagh is for sure not kosher, and that's been the sign outside the restaurant for almost four years. Is there a separate restaurant with a separate kitchen at the exact same address where they serve kosher food?

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                        Colbeh is kosher---we eat at the Main street, Kew Garden Hills location--but used to eat at Great Neck before it went downhill--stuart is correct----have not tried the willis ave location--as we always end up at Ravaugh or Chicken kebab when we are on that street...., Ravaugh is not kosher. Can recomend the following at Ravaugh:-Ash Reshteh
                        A tradtional Persian soup with fresh vegetables, chick peas, red kidney bean & noodles topped with yogurt.-Shirazi Salad
                        Fresh diced cucumber, onion, tomato, parsley & green pepper. $4.50
                        Kebabs are very good--we order chicken or lamb...and what's really good there is their rice with currants(which we get a container for takeout all the time, with some spinach pies from Chicken kebab down the street, for a quick good dinner)---place is very pleasant--but don't go on weekend night, as they are crazy busy..nice and mellow on weekday, or late lunch.......