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Dec 23, 2006 05:02 PM

What countries would you go to cooking schools/classes in (on vacation), and any particular favorites?

(Hailing from Los Angeles here.)

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  1. Japan! Every sushi dish is quality and so pristine. Seafood can be so beautiful when artfully cooked, cut, or displayed!

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      If anyone knows of a cooking school for foreigners in Japan, I would love to hear about it. Not for sushi, which I really think is best left to professionals (after all, real sushi chefs train for years), but just for simple everyday Japanese cooking.

    2. I too would love to know a good cooking/vacation school abroad - Italy in particular.

      1. I have heard that there's actually gourmet cuisine happening in Ireland now--not just the stereotypical stew and potatoes--so I think I'd like to go check that out (not, mind you, that there was anything wrong with the stew, pub grub and potatoes I encountered there 20 years ago).

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        1. Dh and I have taken "A Cooks Tour" vacations to Italy, Spain, Greece and even Vegas. Great experiences all.

          There are travel agents that specialize in such tours if you are interested, I can post them for you.

          1. Went to a cooking school in Tuscany a couple of years ago.
            Toscano Saporita. It's a terrific place....they make wonderful olive oil. You stay on the premises and cook every morning. Then lunch. A rest...and a day trip if you choose. The chefs/instructors then prepare dinner for you. When I went, there were six students and four chefs. But on any given night, there might be 20-30 people for dinner. Friends, family, people from the village stop by. It's great fun. Run by a wonderful woman named Sandra Lotti. I highly recommend it.