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Dec 23, 2006 03:59 PM

Palm Springs restaurants

Philly chowhounds would appreciate recommendations for Palm Springs area restaurants. We like Johannes very much but have not been overly impressed with other (including big name) places. Coming Jan 2 for Film Festival.

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  1. Jillian's on El Paseo in PD will not dissappoint you. Blend in La Quinta is new and very good. La Spiga for Italian in PD. For Deli food, Manhattan in the Desert is excellent.(NY Style Deli). We still love Wally's Desert Turtle. Haven't been there yet but Desert Sage in La Quinta has a new chef and we've heard good things about it. You are right about most of the "big names" here. We avoid most of them when we can. While we have some very good places in the Desert, just don't expect the sophistication of a NY, SF, or Philadelphia. It's not here! Speaking of names, we now have a Bing Crosby's Restaurant across the street from Wally's. Just opened. Enjoy.

    1. I do like Blend in PD. Jovanna's is very good as well. All the restaurants TBB3 mentioned are all in PD or La Quinta which is about 20-25 min from Palm Springs this time of year with the traffic. Zin (American/French)has a great wine list and the chef is amazing. St James (American with a Thai flair)has a new chef and the food there was very good last time I was there. Philppe's is good for lunch (French Bistro) and as you know Johanne's is great. La Vallauris is very good ($$$$ French). Spencer's and Plum are good as well. Enjoy the festival.

      1. Had a mixed dinner at Citron last night - my foie gras was good (wasn't impressed with the pureed sweet potatoes under it, though), but my rib eye steak with (more) foie gras truffle sauce was excellent. Other's paella & chicken with Chevre were,'t as sucessful. Truffled fries are yummy, though!!

        1. Thanks to all for your info -- we'll be arriving in Palm Springs tomorrow and can try out Palm Desert/La Quinta restaurants for a couple of days until the Film Festival starts -- after that it's strictly local!

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            Could you please report back? I'll be going to a conference at La Quinta in Feb, and would love to hear your findings. TIA!