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Dec 23, 2006 03:00 PM

Easy Breakfast Bites?

My aunt hosts a meeting for her church group every saturday morning and serves coffee, tea and a little snack afterwards. My aunt works nights so any easy breakfast bite ideas woudld be great...Also things that could be prepared the night before or served cold would be perfect. We're also sick of doughnuts and pastries, so we'd love some savory ideas...

In the past we've served little sausages in crescent rolls, mini bagels with lox and cream cheese, and mini quiches...

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  1. Fresh fruit on sticks with a yogurt & honey dip
    Thin slices of ham draped around apple, pear or melon slices
    Split mini bakery crossiants with cheese or jam spreads

    1. one or two jumbo Medjool dates served (pitted if you like) with an espresso is really an amazing combination. i know i know, 'thats it??' youre thinkg, right? well, theincredible sweetness of those jumbo dates hit with the bitterness of the espresso (or strong coffee i suppose) in your mouth and are a real delight. keep in mind, its small and really meant to be savored. its not going to go over too well if youre talking adn chatting while eating it. it is amazing, tho. please, everyone, give it a try and really think and savor it while eating it. youll see why this gets me through my hectic mornings.
      also, the tremendous dose of sugar in those dates will go some way in getting you up and running:)

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        I second this suggestion (and I recommend pitting the dates: I've bitten into many an un-pitted date and it isn't pleasant, those pits are rock hard!). I only wish Medjool dates looked a little less... like the way they look! I don't know if anyone who didn't know how amazing Medjools are would be all that tempted into trying it. maybe if you skewered them with pretty toothpicks or something...

      2. Mini cheddar cheese biscuits with ham
        Mini chive biscuits with smoked turkey
        Mini plain biscuits with assorted sausages
        Mini blueberry and/or cranberry scones with smoked trout
        Mini gingerbread muffins with cream cheese (I know, it's not savory, but it's not a donut)
        Rye or wheat toasts with egg salad, or even topped with scrambled eggs and goat cheese

        1. small 6" crepes, cooked, basted with melted butter, sprinkled with a squeeze of lemon juice, powdered-sugared, and folded into quarters. Easy to make assembly-line style. Overlap on a half-sheet tray lined with parchment. Serve on tray garnished with lemon slices and some parlsey for color. Dust at serving with additional(but not too much) powdered sugar.

          Set individual crepes into paper baking cups for easy handling by guests.

          I did this for a club meeting and had sour cream and lox to go along. It was a hit.

          A "hit" by another hostess was 1 1/2" squares of pumpkin cheesecake which had been baked in a 9x13" pan and simply cut into squares. Served in mini-cupcake paper liners. You could do the same with sweet potato pie, baked in the same type of pan. Use graham cracker or nut crust instead of rolled pastry.