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Dec 23, 2006 02:30 PM

Suggestions for an excellent MExican restaurant in Manhattan?

Looking for Mexican restaurant.

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  1. The flautas and Mushroom quesadilla at La Esquina (Kenmare Square) are out of this world.

    1. Barrio Chino on Broome...not amazing food (antojitos), but excellent margaritas (especially the habanero margarita) place.

      1. I love Mi Cocina on Jane and Hudson. (Baby Jane Hudson) The food is authentically Mexican and deeply delicious; the chef/owner grew up in Vera Cruz and in the mountains of Mexico, and his two grandmothers taught him how to cook. It's also a charming and beautiful place. Great tequilas on hand, too.

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          Can you give me some idea of Mi Cocina's price range? The menu looks great but doesn't list prices. TIA

        2. Los Dos Molinos is a great place. It's actually New Mexican, but their enchaladas, tamales and chile colorado are all solid. They also pride themselves on the fact that they don't make anything mild, though tacos and burros are pretty safe if you don't like a lot of heat. Margaritas are strong, and they have a pretty extensive tequila selection.

          1. Pampano serves delicious modern Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on fish.