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Dec 23, 2006 02:25 PM

Key West--Surprise for parents

Hi--I've booked a weekend in Key West as a Christmas present for my parents and would like to make some dinner reservations for them while they're there. They're not very adventurous eaters (and would probably appreciate someplace quiet and not too "scene-y"), but they love steak & all kinds of seafood. I'm trying to decide on one of the following:

Cafe Med
7 Fish
A & B Lobster House

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Ricky's Blue Heaven is head and heals above them all!

    No scene other than the very key west kultural kaleidascope kind.

    I am not sure if they even take reservations, but the Treebar is a cool place for a cocktail or two.

    1. A&B Lobster House would fit the bill. Go for a table outside overlooking the water and marina. Michaels would be a close 2nd (only because it isn't on the water). The steaks are the best in town. 7 Fish is a wonderful choice but on a busy night it tends to feel very crowded and loud. Do not wait too much longer to make reservations. Many places are already full or only have a few time slots left. I hope they have a wonderful time!

      1. Another couple of thoughts -
        For really good casual seafood send them to The Half Shell Raw Bar.
        For a great Grouper Sandwich send them to B.O.'s Fish Wagon.

        Neither take resrvations.