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Dec 23, 2006 02:17 PM

2 nights in Quebec City

Hello everyone,

I'm going to be spending 2 nights in Quebec City next month with my girlfriend. We're staying in the old part of town. I was wondering if anyone could suggest nice, cozy places to eat (lunch, coffee, dinner) around the area. We're on a limited budget, so places <$20 pp are preferable, but we're willing to splurge on something special.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. My favorite place is Chez Temporel, especially for their croissants and coffee. I proclaim them as a WORLD's BEST. But they prepare a few light meals as well which are usually good and tasty.

    Other than that, the crepe place on rue St Jean (casse-croute Breton?) is a sure thing and has a lively scene.

    My suggestion is to not splurge and keep it simple. That will almost surely work out best for you.

    1. The Cafe du Monde in the lower city is my favorite family-style restaurant anywhere. It's worth the walk and the funicular ride. Reservations are a good idea.

      The crepe place is called Casse-Crepe Breton, and I second the suggestion. Get there early, as there can be a line.

      I also like Le Petit Latin Coin.

      1. Will stake my life on L'Echaude, one block from Dominion Hotel.

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          Please don't. Besides, the 'pound of flesh' gimmick has already been done. I thought L'Echaudee quite average.