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Buying 1/2 cakes from Loblaws

I went to Loblaws at Leslie and Eastern yesterday to buy 1/2 a cheesecake. Apparently Loblaws (this store only?? I'm not sure...) no longer sells 1/2 cakes because they don't have the containers to hold them in. It's a shame that Loblaws no longer offers this because sometimes, 1/2 a cake is all you need and it's obviously cheaper than buying a whole cake that a family can't finish. Is there a place out there (Dominion, Sobeys, Longos etc.) that still sells 1/2 cakes? I don't mean 1/2 slab cakes, but 1/2 of a round 15 inch black forest cake or caramel crunch cake etc. Thank you!

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  1. as far as I know, dominion at vic park/daforth sells half cakes - there was a time i was obsessed with them. but, to be honest i havent specifically looked at them for a while, but i am prettyyyy sure they are still there! i havent checked at loblaws at vic park/gerrard recently but they might still have them?

    1. Or just order a half slab from a Chinese bakery.

      1. Dominion at Bathurst & Lawrence sells 1/2 cakes.

        1. Why dump on Loblaws? There are lots of alternatives, including bakeries who will make a small amount, just for you, and not from a factory line.

          1. "My heavens?" Come on. Let's not pick on others for wanting to purchase a cake from Loblaws. The La Rocca ones are pretty good for store-bought, in my opinion - caramel crunch, chocolate truffle royale, etc., and reasonably priced. Even if one could make the same thing at home in under an hour, some might not have the time, desire, or skill to do so.

            1. I don't know whether this situation exists at all Loblaw stores, and would appreciate hearing about experiences at others. The Leslie/Eastern location (which is, unfortunately, the closest Loblaws to where I live) has long been poorly managed, poorly stocked for a store of its huge size, and seriously understaffed. (I don't know of any other Loblaws where one MUST bag ones own groceries.)

              Although I don't know why you would want, say, half of a Loblaws slab cake, they have some mass produced stuff that is smaller, cheaper, and very good. The PC chocolate and coconut cream pies are outstanding (and not available at Leslie). The NY cheesecake is quite good, and better than anything they sell at the service counter. They also have some small frozen Dufflet cakes that are delicious.

              The larger Dominions (there is one at Danforth and Vic Park) have very good frozen cakes (not at the service counter) that serve 2-4 people.

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                There are small bake shops that will beat the pants
                off any frozen or displayed Loblaws cake, bread, or pastry. We should seek them out and give them our business, because they are better.

                My choice is Terrance at 'Breadhouse', Bayly and Westshore, Pickering. He is competing with 'Ace' at Costco, and has a superior, fresher product at a lower price.

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                  We have several independent bake shops in these parts, including a couple that are extraordinary, but most of us don't want to pay $25-$50 for an everyday cake. I'm thinking of Konditor, Zane, Bonjour Brioche, Rahier, La Cigogne, and Altitude (which is less expensive than the others but too sweet for my taste).

                  The really good cakes at Loblaws and Dominion tend to be frozen. The bake shop ones aren't great. The LaRocca cakes tend to be VERY sweet.

                  With breads, Loblaws and Dominion actually do very well at some of their in-store bakeries. The "French flour" baguette at Loblaws is particularly good, as are the breads at Dominion labeled "Front St Bakery Artisan".

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                    I have tried French Flour fresh baked breads at Loblaws and Costco. Both bland, and baked on demand from frozen (I mean prepared on a large production line and sent to the site frozen, then baked in small batches depending on store traffic.)

                    The Costco has in addition, an Ace kiosk, replenished before opening, and the breads are very good, with a well developed, 24hr flavour. I don't see the factory baguettes letting their dough develop more than an hour or two.

                    In my area, the indpendent guy Terrance wins hands down. And the breads are fresher than Ace, at a lower price.

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                  You are so right, I don't know what is going on in that Loblaws. We go to Jumbo Video often, and every time I go into that Loblaws just to pick one item up or something, I can't find what I am looking for. In comparison the Loblaws at Vic Park and Gerrard is excellent. Never have a problem.

                3. I stopped by the Vic Park & Gerrard Loblaws today and they have 1/2 round cakes. I saw black forest and chocolate.

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                    I'm not surprised. Whenever I've needed to return something to Loblaws, Leslie has given me a hassle. At Gerrard and Queens Quay, there is never any problem. Although there have been many changes of manager over the years, the Leslie location seems to have an ingrained negative culture. I don't understand why they don't fix it. Though they did finally provide unlocked shopping carts a few months ago (for the first time). One talkative cashier was griping that there were rumours they might actually be required to bag groceries in the future.

                  2. I dont live very close to any of the Dufflet locations, but when we have a special occasion and dont feel like making a cake ourselves, we have a Dufflet 'cakelette' ordered to our local Sunvalley grocery store on the Danforth. Its the perfect small rectangular cake for 4-5 ppl, and theyre delicious! Last time we had the mocha and it was incredible, tonight were having the banana caramel and I absolutely cannot wait! But i think its a better idea for it to be round then in a 1/2 cake shape, bc then the pieces can be cut much easier

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                      Never understood the half cake myself. Why not just buy/sell a smaller cake? Looks nicer too.