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Best Coffee Beans (for purchase)?

I want to get some coffee beans for a coffee-lover this year. Does anyone know of a great spot to get a strong, dark bean?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Go to Orens Daily Roast...they have a few coffe shops around the city. They are also in the Grand Central Market...if you are looking for a darker roast try their "Nelvis" beans...I love it. FYI...this blend used to be called "Elvis" (not after the king but rather an acronym for the beans used in the roast... but the Pressely estate got wind of this and forced them to change the name...! Bizarre but true...!!).

    1. Empire Coffee and Tea on 9th and 41st is fantastic. Lots of huge barrels with really dark beans (we get our coffee there every month) and they'll do great recommended blends for you as well. Wonderful 'mom and pop' type store and the employees are very helpful.

      1. Porto Rico Imports on Bleecker Street has the best coffee. Organic and Fair Trade and from everywhere and they are super nice.

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          Porto Rico on St Marks off 2nd avenue as well. The french roasted tazmanian peaberry is awesome. Every time I have friends come over and offer them a cup of coffee they take a sip , pause, and say "wow, that a GOOD cup of coffee." Need I say more?

        2. I second Orens!!! buy them whol bean grind right before you brew. My favorites are the Aged Sumatra or the Nicaragua. Everyone from out of town that has tasted it, I know have to ship it to them monthly.

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            I second Oren's and third Porto Rico. Porto Rico probably wins out for the very fair pricing!

          2. I would throw Jack's Stir Brewed into the mix as well. I live right by a Porto Rico and I would have to say that Jack's just slightly edges them out, but I haven't tried ALL of the Porto Rico coffees. And I've heard that Porto Rico can be hit or miss dependent on how fresh the beans are (as all coffee).

            Jack's is located on W. 10th St. between Greenwich Ave & Waverly. It's very small (seats like 12 people) and cozy.

            1. This question gets asked a lot. Of course new information is helpful, but you might want to read some of the older topics before posting on subjects like these:

              1. For my money, the best beans are at Joe's (Waverly Pl. off 6th or 13th off 5th), which gets them from Barrington Roasters in the Berkshires, one day after they're roasted (coffee fetishists will argue it's best to then let them sit at least a day or two).

                1. I vote for Samad's Market on Broadway btwn 110 and 11th. Or Zabars blend. Both delicious whole bean coffee

                  1. I love the beans at Porto Rico in the East Village on St. Marks and 2nd Ave. there is also one in the West Village--you can get them roasted in a variety of styles-French, Italian and there are many varieties to choose from--also their water decaf is excellent and if you like the flavored ones-may I suggest the cherry chocolate-

                    1. Order them from higherground.com

                      1. Another vote for Oren's for a local roaster. Fresher and better than Porto Rico, who has too many beans sitting in large open barrels.

                        1. Fairway's Swedish Blend is very dark and strong.

                          Zabar's Continental Blend is the same, but less bitter. If that's not enough for you, have them mix in a handful of the Vienna Roast espresso, or get the Dark Roast, which will grow hair on the bottoms of your feet.

                          1. Zabar's has a great selection of coffee. Vienna makes a great cappuccino and a mix of French and Vienna makes a great cup of full dark coffee. They will also send their coffee.

                            1. I've tried a bunch and I still pick Pete's house blend, availible at Whole Foods. Its a dark and strong blend, but smooth, it none of the bitterness found in many beens.

                              1. Try Cafe Grumpy: they are the real deal- coffee nerds. They know their sh**!
                                I get my beans from their cafe in Brooklyn, but they have a new location in Chelsea. They roast their own beans and also have events like cuppings on Saturdays: http://www.cafegrumpy.com/

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                                  Cafe Grumpy is great but they do not roast their own beans. Their espresso beans are currently roasted in Vancouver.

                                2. porto rico on thompson street, soho.

                                  1. i'm a coffee snob from way back, and if you take a look at the quality of the roast on any given day, fairways has the best prices and best quality in the city. i've been to 'em all.

                                    1. You wouldn't think this, but Bloomingdale's actually has great coffee...my dad won't get it anywhere else, and he's the biggest foodie snob I know.

                                      1. Porto Rico is my favorite--St. Mark's Place or Bleeker St. good prices too-I've tried Zabar's coffee but I do not think it is as good as Porto Rico--enjoy

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                                          Zabar's . . . . Blech! That stuff is SO bad that my wife and I take coffee beans with us when we visit her parents house because that is all they have. As I said above, I agree with Port Rico. French roasted Tazmanian Peaberry is my favorite.

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                                            I don't like Zabar's coffee at all--Port Rico is the way to go

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                                              I second that! Porto Rico coffee has far more flavor and depth than Zabar's (and Fairway) coffee.