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Dec 23, 2006 12:56 PM

ISO of Instant Yeast in Park Slope

Does anyone know where to get this? All the supermarkets seem to have is active, but I have to things I want to make that call for instant. Thank You in advance!

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  1. just a thought, did you check the baking aisle and the dairy section. I have found it at both sites at my local stores.

    1. Of course I did that! I see "active yeast" there, but not instant. I've been to D'agastinos and Key Food on 7th avenue. What supermarket do you go to (I'll go check it out)

      1. It can also be labeled as "Quick Rise" or "Rapid Rise"

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          found this on a google search, is there a Trader Joe's near you?
          "For those on the hunt for instant yeast, I got mine at Trader Joe’s. It says “Perfect Rise,” but after some pow-wowing with my bread-expert friend Virginia, we concluded it is the same thing as the red Saf-Instant so favored by professional bakers."

        2. I would also try C-Town on 5th & 9th, and the Key Food on 5th and Garfield. Also, maybe hit up a bakery (Colson Patisserie, Delicies de Paris) and see if maybe they'll sell you what you need. Stranger things have happened!

          1. Not Park Slope, but I recently bought instant yeast at Sahadi's on Atlantic Avenue. Also, I'd second the recommendation of Key Food on 5th Avenue--usually a very well stocked store.