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Oct 16, 2006 06:12 PM

The Chart House (moved from Not About Food)

The Chart House is famous for their salad bar (though the Miami location no longer has one, I don't know why) and I've often enjoyed their food, except when they slip and dump too much sherry in the lobster bisque. . .

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  1. OMG....and their mud pie. I gain five pounds just thinking about it!!!

    1. I guess it's personal preference, but there are quite a few places and I prefer and would recommend above the local Chart House.

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      1. re: rcheng

        Haven't been in a Chart House in years, but my impression of the chain is that they were conceived to be tourist traps. Here's what I observed --

        (1) The architecture is wonderful, be it an old atmospheric building or a snazzy new architectural wonder.

        (2) The service is this type - young dude comes by saying "Hi, I'm Randy and I'll be your waiter. How are you folks tonight?"

        (3) The food is prefab fish dishes from their frozen food warehouse.

        (4) Everything is wildly overpriced.

        1. re: Sharuf

          Sharuf I think you are wrong. Their food does not come pre-fab.They are a high-class restaurant, and try very hard to maintain that image. We have one in Sarasota Florida that we frequent regularly and love it there. Yes, their prices are steep, but lower then most other high quality restauarnts. If you want 10% off, then become a member of their club, and when you spend $250 (drinks and food) you will get a coupon for $25.
          I really don't see anything wrong with the waiter stating the above. I've had lots of waiters begin with wonderful phases at other restaurants, but lousy food. I also don't want the waiter hanging around too long talking or braging about himself.

          1. re: irwin

            Perhaps it varies by location, but I think Sharuf is right. I usedd to get dragged to the one in Annapolis for group affairs that were deemed more formal than just a birthday lunch. Almost any seafood place in Annapolis had better food, and it did taste like commissary cooking, not individually prepared food. But the atmosphere was nice - a great big colonial style building on the water.

      2. "(3) The food is prefab fish dishes from their frozen food warehouse."

        Chart House is operated by Landry's... that says it all.

        1. Actually, since Chart House IS a Landry's operation, maybe it should have stayed in the "Not About Food" topic...!!!
          Lovely setting, food that is at best pedestrian and at worst plain inedible. You can do so much better in so many other places.

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          1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

            I've been to the Chart Houses in Alexandria, VA and Philadelphia, and they are exactly as you describe. It's a terrible shame.

          2. We had a great prime rib in the Boston Chart House on Xmas eve(no salad bar)..keeping to form..historic old building on on 1 of the wharves ..properly done MR to the rare side. Lobster bisque was very flavorful, lots of lobster but a little salty.

            I don't go often, but I always enjoy their prime rib..never ordered the fish items.