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Dec 23, 2006 10:41 AM

x-mas eve dilema

I've decided to get some fresh lobster ravioli from Russos in Watertown. What sauce would you all prepare with that? I was thinking a Vodka sauce-- but if you have someone coming to dinner with health restrictions-- what is a lighter sauce- yet still complimentary to the ravioli??
Happy Holidays everyone!

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    1. How about a lobster stock/wine reduction? There is a base available from Superior products called Better than Boillion that is really good and not very salty. i would saute a little garlic and finely chopped onion in olive oil and then add some white wine, reduce and then add the stock. Save some of the pasta cooking water to add after the second reduction and it will thicken the sauce slightly. If you can't find the lobster base, just use some low sodium chicken stock. Add some herbs of your choice and you have a great meal

      Hope this helps

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        Thanks Cheffrank-- I received several good suggestions-- but you read my mind- I've tried the Better than Bouillion for a clam chowder I made and loved it-- thanks for the "thickening" tip- you enjoy your great meal too

      2. not sure what health restrictions you are referencing, but I would recommend a light brown butter sauce (with garlic if ok), and cook some mushrooms off with the sauce (crimini) and drizzle of truffle oil before serving.. shaved parmesan-

        1. I wuld keep it as simple as possible to enjoy the flavor of the lobster. My choice would be a simple white wine butter sauce with some lemon and fresh flat leaf parsley. Let the ravioli stay in the spot light. The shaved parm would be a nice accent as well.

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            I like it since we will be having some fish for the main entree and the lemon and parsley is a big part of it! Thanks for the feedback