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Colborne Lane

What's happening with Claudio Aprile's new place? Have they opened? Is there a date set?

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  1. I don't know but I'd sure like to have some news...love him!

    1. Walked by it this morning on the way to the market - looks like it is still under construction.

      1. According to today's Joanne Kates article, it is opening soon.

        1. I had an e-mail ping with the manager there this morning - Colborne Lane is opening February 13th!

          1. omg je suis tres excite!!!!

            1. Official opening is next Tuesday. Sweetspot.ca reviewed it today:


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                It's not open yet. The website doesn't show a menu. Yet there's a rave review including some prices of dishes.
                Does this sound believable???????

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                  I think a lot of restaurants do "press nights" before they open to get some hype.

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                      oh, pour out yer Hater-ade! We'll see soon enough. :)

              2. They had a pre-opening last night and will be open next week.

                1. We are open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner.

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                    went last friday for dinner.

                    beautiful room, not too crowded, I felt comfortable.

                    as previously noted, excellent friendly service.

                    Won't go through the whole menu because it will change regularly, but I enjoyed the lobster soup (rich lobster flavor, light), lobster cerviche (beautiful layers of flavors), hen was good too.

                    good wine list. i can foresee myself coming regularly if the menu changes.

                    as suggested we ordered 3 entrees each... there really isn't a clear distinction between apps and entrees i.e. everything is considered an entree. full but not stuffed.

                  2. We're going for dinner tomorrow (last week Thursday got postponed)... can't wait.

                    1. Be prepared to have your taste buds seduced by the flavours and textures. I loved the lentil soup and lobster cerviche....I'm looking forward to my next visit!