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Prime Rib

I've Been sastified by Gulliver prime Rib in Burlingame...... What is Your favorite Prime Rib In NOR CAL? My favorite is LAWRYS in Beverly Hills or My OWN Prime Rib but........What can you reccomend?

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  1. House of Prime Rib (Van Ness, SF).

    1. I second HOPR. Some people like the Buckeye's Monday night special or Izzy's, but, for me HOPR is the best around. I prefer it to Lawry's as well.

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        The Prime Rib at Buckeyes is supposed to be smoked, or grilled...have you (or anyone) tried it?

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          I have been to the Buckeye a couple of times and while I wanted to like it each time, I have always left underwhelmed. Yes, as I recall, the prime rib is smoked. Smoked meats just don't do it for me the way they used to.

          I suppose if I really wanted prime rib, I would do something like the House of Prime Rib on Van Ness.

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            Bummer about Buckeye!
            Yes, HOPR is my default prime rib location...

      2. The prime rib at Walker's Pie Shop in Albany isn't the best but it's good for the price. Good popovers. Mediocre soup, salad, sides, pie.

        1. Burlingame, try Broadway Primb on Broadway, right hand side of the street as you are driving away from the freeway. They have a website.

          1. I agree - I was underwhelmed by the Buckeye's Smoked Prime Rib.

            1. Just got back from the Bay Area. Quick in and out but staying near the airport we went looking for Broadway Prime. Missed the sign and mistakenly wound up in the Broadway Grille up the street. No reservations at peak dinner time. Very good attentive service and we were seated in 10 minutes. Place looke full to me. Noise level tolerable. Similar size cuts and same meat as HOPR. Had the mid size cut (Director's?) double cooked. Just barely seared on the outside, like a nice medium rare steak inside. Very flavorful. Good quality prime rib. The Best actor's cut was HUGH! If you get the smaller cut, don't get it double cooked. My business partner did and it was like a medium well steak--just pink. Scallopped potatoes, steamed veggies--asparagus, carrots, squash. Good Widmer beer on draft. Interesting wines by the glass. Had Jekel 2003 for $8. full bottle prices looked reasonable. Chocolate is the theme at dessert. And you'd better not share it or you won't get any.
              Not a bit sorry we missed Broadway Prime. And flying out the next day I saw a poor review of HOPR.

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                  What exactly is "double cooked"?

                2. besides HOPR, anyone else like Houston's?