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Dec 23, 2006 03:14 AM

"Julio's" Chili Verde Burritos

Anyone Rember Julios WAY Back in the Days right across the street from Lucys on the Corner of Washington Blvd and Hoover Ave and the BIG PEP BOYS? Now the spot is a McDonalds Before it was a Car Wash/ Fast food Joint. They Had the BEST Chili Verde Burritos. After if closed i found they moved to SOTO ST exit off the 10 FWY in East LA on the way to El Tepeyac's..... To this Day I cannot forget their Bursting with Green Chili's Burritos with Tender Pork chunks..... Lucys is a PALE Comparison.... The only Place evenly remotely close was of All Places a SMALL Mexican place on The Island of KAWAII in HAWAII...... I Can't even rember the name of the place i think it was Cinco De mayo's CAN ANYONE HELP ME??????!!!!!

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  1. Martha's Kitchen in Lincoln Heights. Chili Verde burrito with simmered pork chunks as you like it and loaded into a hand made tortilla.

    Martha's Kitchen
    2526 Daly St
    (across the street from Vons & Yoshinoya Beef Bowl on Pasadena Avenue)
    Los Angeles, CA 90031
    323 226-9099

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      Really? At 5 points? I ALWAYS Go to LLAAMARADA " The Campfire" Right next door to the lock shop in Lincoln heights... I Usually get the Carne Asada Burrito or MACHACA or the Chicken Soup on tuesdays & Fridays or the Steak Picado....

      1. re: Skunk2Racer

        I personally like Martha's Kitchen better than Llaamarada. Try her (there is a Martha) chili verde burrito-I think you'll like it.
        I'm not into those Mexican soups, but I always see people ordering them.

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          Just wanted to say this is why I love this board. Had a craving today for a lunch of "comfort food", searched for lincoln heights, found this post and tried Martha's. True hole-in-the-wall 5 mins away from my work: lively, interesting characters, great smells, ranchera music jukebox and the best darn chili verde burrito I may have ever had. Long live the chows!