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Dec 23, 2006 03:09 AM

Best Sushi/Sashimi in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Any suggestions for great places to get sushi/sashimi in the cities? I'm not an expert by any means but I'd love to find a few places where I could have some of the good stuff and learn more without feeling like an idiot for not knowing it all already. Oh, and a range of prices would be good...

Any recommendations?

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  1. This comes up fairly often as you might imagine. Origami and Midori's Floating World come up a lot. Not sure about prices.

    1. Sushi Tango was very good last time I was there. Located in Uptown. Moderate consumption cost me about $15.00/ person, not including drinks or tip. Great to sit at the bar, the bartenders are great help in selection.

      1. I don't have much time to answer this post as we're heading out to our honeymoon in Thailand in just a few hours :) but sushi is one of my passions and I believe we've tried every place in the Twin Cities metro. Here are a few highlights:

        Midori's - Definitely the freshest tasting sushi around. I also like that they go for substance over style, something that can't be said for many of the MSP sushi restaurants. I've heard people complain more and more recently about the service.

        Bagu - We've really been enjoying our new neighborhood sushi spot at 48th and Chicago. The quality is consistant, staff is friendly and they're willing to talk you through/modify any of their offerings.

        Sakura - We don't make it to St. Paul much but when looking for fancier yet still good sushi we go here.

        Origami - Service at the sushi bar redeems this restaurant. Don't even bother with getting a table, the staff is pretty incompetent.

        Nami - Your better option for swanky downtown sushi.

        We've had ho hum experiences at Fuji Ya, Sushi Tango, Tiger Sushi and Wasabi, and an absolutely terrible experience at Kikugawa. We enjoyed Saji Ya in St. Paul the first time we went but then went back last month and the waitress made several errors with our order and the sushi was not extremely impressive.

        I'm sure I'm missing places but those are the big ones I can think of. I'd love to hear what others think!

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        1. re: katebauer

          I noticed Midori doesn't get a lot of conversation anymore. In any case, my wife convinced me to go there for lunch today. Food was okay, but the service was appalling.

          We stood in the very small dining area for at least 5 minutes before the chef asked a waitress to come by. She wiped the table, left it very wet, than decided to put our napkins down on the wet surface. My wife had the good sense to use the napkin to wipe it dry. The waitress just stood there and watched. I was amazed that paying customers would be treated this way.

          There were more than a few slip ups with the order. Incredibly, it took a full 45 minutes from the time we placed the order until it arrived. That is, the salad arrived. Then everything came at once, except we were told that they were out of miso soup. (Note that this was 45 minutes after we placed order.) There was no offer made to substitute, no apology, no offer to reduce the check.

          By then, I probably would have eaten anything. The sushi was only fair, not as fresh as Origami or Fuji Ya. The tempura was well done - not greasy at all. Price was what you expected (assuming they had miso soup).

          I can't imagine ever going there again.

          Midori's Floating World Cafe
          2629 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

          Fuji Ya
          600 W Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

          1. re: discus

            That's unfortunate. I like Midori's sushi a lot, but the service can be glacial. I treat it a little different when it comes to speed of service as it's a mom and pop place with a very small staff. That said, the wait staff should still be proficient at their tasks.

            Their Unagi nigiri is the best bite of sushi I've had so far and I'll put up with quite a bit to get it.

        2. KB - congrats! & have a wonderful trip!

          Origami - I won't go back there ever - same issues as noted above. zero stars for service and the food didn't make up for it at all - it was average.

          Saji Ya - I've had one good meal there and many not so good ones - not recommended either.

          Sakura - best quality for this side of the river - however, I've heard from a longtime sakura fan that their service has been spotty as well!

          1. My experiences ...

            Origami -- best we've had in the Twin Cities. A large variety of traditional and wacky nigiri and rolls. A good non-sushi menu as well. I'm curious what problems people have had with service. We've always found it to be friendly and competent, but we aren't particularly challenging diners.

            Nami -- great room. Overpriced. Sushi was fine; non-sushi dishes we tried were offputtingly bad. We only went once and have no desire to return.

            Sushi Tango -- good sushi, seemed a bit pricy to me.

            Fuji-Ya -- my second choice, after Origami. Very good sushi, interesting menu. This place can be a zoo on weekend nights.

            Ba Gu -- takeout sushi was inexpensive, OK in quality, not great. We haven't dined in yet.

            Wasabi -- Metal chopsticks are definitely form over function. I haven't tried the sushi yet. Had a lunch tempura special which was cheap but left me hungry.