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Dec 23, 2006 03:02 AM

snacks for a road trip

hi all,

i'm going on a little 4 hour road trip and i'd like to prepare some good eats for our little adventure. i'd imagine i'd like to make something that could be eaten in 2-4 bites, not messy (ie. no crumbs), preferably enclosed (like a pizza pocket type of thing) and wouldn't need heating (can be consumed room temp). I can prepare these the morning before, but considering we start at 6am, i'd prefer to have them made the night before... anyone have any suggestions? maybe little sandwiches? empinadas?

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    1. I make BBQ chicken with a teriyaki marinade sometime before hand, freeze the pieces, and toss the freezer bag into the car for road trips. They defrost in time for lunch. Nothin better. Just bring along the wet-naps.

      1. Pan-fried chicken nuggets - just cut up a boneless skinless breast into bite-size pieces, coat them with seasoned flour and fry them in a little olive oil. They're good at room temperature.

        Also peel and section an orange for a nice palate cleanser.

        Of course, I should take my own advice. I always use road trips as an excuse to eat a bag of Chee-tohs.

        1. Trail mix is classic.

          You could definitely make calzoni, using pizza dough and whatever filling you want. You could also try to make Chinese steamed or baked buns - even better if you press sesame seeds on the outside.

          If you don't mind the extra labour, you could make arancini or Scotch eggs the night before.

          1. I have a nifty little recipe for "tuna turnovers" that involve basically mixing a can of tuna (drained), a little grated cheese, some onion & celery, a bit of salt, and some mayo to moisten it. Then you wrap it inside of thinly sliced circles of biscuit dough and bake it till it's nice and brown. These can be eaten at any temperature and are highly tasty.

            If you're not a fan of canned tuna you can use leftover cooked chicken instead, or, I suppose, just about any other meat you've got on hand, adjusting the other ingredients and seasonings to fit. I'm not a real big canned tuna guy, myself, but it's okay in these things.

            (Matter of fact, now that you've got me started, I may make a batch tonight so we can have them on the road with us tomorrow...)