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Dec 23, 2006 02:11 AM

Chichen Itza, 6th Street, OPEN? Do mine eyes deceive me?

Last Night! Lights On! People apparently eating!! Food!

Anyone been yet!!?!????

R Gould-saltman

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  1. Website still saying January 8th opening. Could this be the pre-opening rehearsal?

    1. YES! They're open! I just made reservations for lunch tomorrow as they man on the phone suggested just in case. Who knows if that is REALLY necessary but I did it anyway. Will report back.

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        i went yesterday. see here for the post i just did on the other chichen itza thread:

      2. Daughter home from college, very excited to learn that Chichen-Itza had just opened. We were planning on a panuchos run before she left town again. Went to the new restaurant. Nice room, lots of lovely new things on the menu. We ate our favorites and tried a few new items. I had ribs in a light/smoky mole; meat falling off the bone, the sauce had a lot of subtle flavors, (do I remember what it was made of? of course not, sorry guys, brain overloaded,) although it did need a little heat from that crazy, sour hot sauce of theirs.

        FYI: There's a valet for peak lunch and dinner hours. (Don't think I'd want to park on a side street at night.)