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Dec 23, 2006 02:04 AM

[DFW] Name Your Favorite Gourmet/International Grocery Stores

Whole Foods and Central Market ARE NOT contenders.

Everyone knows of Jimmy's italian market in East Dallas.

Where are all the others?

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  1. For Asian, I like Hiep Thai Market at Walnut & Jupiter.

      1. In addition to those mentioned by Dallas Alice and adkim...

        Hong Kong Market Place (Walnut & Audelia).
        Taj Mahal Imports (Belt Line & Central).
        Fiesta (multiple locations).


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        1. re: Scott

          Do you have favorite fiesta locations? In Phoenix we had a hispanic market with an enormous food court, tons of meats and fishes, a agua frescas bar. Bright colors, loud music. Going in there was an experience everytime. Anything like this?

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            I go to Fiesta on Spring Valley/Coit. It's predominantly hispanic, but I see quite a few Africans and East Europeans shopping there. The cashiers are more like UN representatives (reminding me of Fry's in CA). They have a little agua fresca/taco bar at the entrance. Their meats aren't fresh, but I buy fruit there--they have the best prices for oranges and tangerines (though not very fresh) and persimmons have been $1 for 5 for the last few weeks (the best price in town!)

            Another hispanic grocery store across Spring Valley is more Mexican. Makes you feel like you slipped into Mexico. The ownership recently changed and I'm not sure what it's like now.

        2. What about Carnival (in addition to Fiesta that is)?

          And Kuby's in Snider Plaza.


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          1. re: TexasToast

            Apparently Minyards is placing their bets on the latino demographic and investing heavily in their Carnival brand. Just read this press release today about a new flagship Carnival that recently opened in South Dallas. Think "Central Market" meets "Little Mexico" - fresh tortillas and mexican pastries, huge produce selection, freshly squeezed juices... It's even near a DART Rail stop if that's convenient for you.


            Here are a couple of images to check out:

            1. re: interference

              I wasn't impressed by Carnival...the produce was garbage, worse than what I'd find at walmart. That's the one in Plano on K I think.

              1. re: luniz

                It depends on what time of week you go there. I find that their produce often rivals central or at least sprouts, but not on everything. If you are looking for peppers, lemons, limes, certain fruits etc. they are great. It also depends on time of year I have purchased very nice leeks there for $1.45 when central was $4 or so a bunch. I normally do my produce shopping in the following order Carnival, Sprouts and then Central. Starting least expensive to most, but best selection. I often also stop at Fiesta since they are across the street from each other in Plano and Fiesta has much nicer taqueria items.

                1. re: irodguy

                  when are good times to go? i get almost all of my produce from sprouts but carnival is closer. central is really too expensive and far away for me.

              2. re: interference

                This is just what i've been looking for i think. I'm going there now.

            2. In addition to those:

              For Asian: May Hua Supermarket in Plano
              For Mexican: Michoacana Meat Market (multiple locations), great pre-marinated fajita meat.

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              1. re: donnaaries

                Agree that La Michoacana has the best fajita meat in town! I also love Fiesta for a great assortment of produce as well as products from most Latin American countries.