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[DFW] Name Your Favorite Gourmet/International Grocery Stores

Whole Foods and Central Market ARE NOT contenders.

Everyone knows of Jimmy's italian market in East Dallas.

Where are all the others?

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  1. For Asian, I like Hiep Thai Market at Walnut & Jupiter.

      1. In addition to those mentioned by Dallas Alice and adkim...

        Hong Kong Market Place (Walnut & Audelia).
        Taj Mahal Imports (Belt Line & Central).
        Fiesta (multiple locations).


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          Do you have favorite fiesta locations? In Phoenix we had a hispanic market with an enormous food court, tons of meats and fishes, a agua frescas bar. Bright colors, loud music. Going in there was an experience everytime. Anything like this?

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            I go to Fiesta on Spring Valley/Coit. It's predominantly hispanic, but I see quite a few Africans and East Europeans shopping there. The cashiers are more like UN representatives (reminding me of Fry's in CA). They have a little agua fresca/taco bar at the entrance. Their meats aren't fresh, but I buy fruit there--they have the best prices for oranges and tangerines (though not very fresh) and persimmons have been $1 for 5 for the last few weeks (the best price in town!)

            Another hispanic grocery store across Spring Valley is more Mexican. Makes you feel like you slipped into Mexico. The ownership recently changed and I'm not sure what it's like now.

        2. What about Carnival (in addition to Fiesta that is)?

          And Kuby's in Snider Plaza.


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            Apparently Minyards is placing their bets on the latino demographic and investing heavily in their Carnival brand. Just read this press release today about a new flagship Carnival that recently opened in South Dallas. Think "Central Market" meets "Little Mexico" - fresh tortillas and mexican pastries, huge produce selection, freshly squeezed juices... It's even near a DART Rail stop if that's convenient for you.


            Here are a couple of images to check out:

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              I wasn't impressed by Carnival...the produce was garbage, worse than what I'd find at walmart. That's the one in Plano on K I think.

              1. re: luniz

                It depends on what time of week you go there. I find that their produce often rivals central or at least sprouts, but not on everything. If you are looking for peppers, lemons, limes, certain fruits etc. they are great. It also depends on time of year I have purchased very nice leeks there for $1.45 when central was $4 or so a bunch. I normally do my produce shopping in the following order Carnival, Sprouts and then Central. Starting least expensive to most, but best selection. I often also stop at Fiesta since they are across the street from each other in Plano and Fiesta has much nicer taqueria items.

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                  when are good times to go? i get almost all of my produce from sprouts but carnival is closer. central is really too expensive and far away for me.

              2. re: interference

                This is just what i've been looking for i think. I'm going there now.

            2. In addition to those:

              For Asian: May Hua Supermarket in Plano
              For Mexican: Michoacana Meat Market (multiple locations), great pre-marinated fajita meat.

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                Agree that La Michoacana has the best fajita meat in town! I also love Fiesta for a great assortment of produce as well as products from most Latin American countries.

              2. Have to add Kazy's to the mix and I would second Komart.

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                  Komart is amazing; but the last time I was in Kazy's it looked like they were barely hanging on! Sad, because I first discovered Kazy's about 17 years ago - but they just don't have that much selection anymore.

                  1. re: Perramount

                    Where is Kazy's? What sort of market is it... korean, too?

                    1. re: captainshen

                      Kazy's is a true Japanese market. Mr. Kazy has been in DFW since at least the mid 70s. It was much better years ago, I suspect he has aged and is not paying the attention he should. It used to be a great place to go for Sashimi quaility fish, but lately the place on Marsh & Trinity Mills has been my choice.

                2. Here's a list that might be helpful:


                  Clearly, some of the restaurant recommendations are highly suspect ... like On the Border for Mexican. But a lot of the shops look like good starting points.

                  I agree with most of the recommendations above, but wonder why you would exclude Central Market. For Spanish, Italian and some other hard-to-find items, it's hard to top them.

                  1. Saigon-Taipei in Arlington.

                    1. Japanese: Kazy's, Nanami, and Shop Minoya Plus

                      Other random Asian goods: not quite sure anymore, the ones in Plano/Richardson are not up and running right now.

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                        Did you know Nanami closed? I was devastated when I saw this. It was eerie inside... the fridges were open and shoyu was all strewn about. There's a new shop, Seabose, down the street though. They have less selection, but a whole lot of fresh fish, and they make sushi there that you can buy by the piece.

                      2. Yep, Nanami closed. I think the owners left just like that.

                        The closest Asian store to me is Carrollton New Plaza on Frankford & Josey Ln. It's Vietnamnese owned but they have instant noodle like Indomie and even tomyam ones so thats rare. Lots of fishes sold there to cook ala Chinese/Viet style. They even have durians but I doubt its freshness!

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                          Nanami's owners skipped town a few months ago.

                        2. Are there any stores in DFW similar to MGM Indian Foods or Phoenicia Bakery & Deli in Austin?


                          1. I just moved to the DFW area and I am having trouble finding a specialty store that carries fresh quail eggs. Given the level of gourmets that read this forum I thought it would be a great place to ask. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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                            1. re: vardo

                              I get mine from Saigon Taipei in arlington. It's on Collins. I love them so much :)...
                              what do you do with yours? I just boil mine and keep them as snacks. so creamy..

                              1. re: captainshen

                                I just boil them and place them in salads but my kids love eating them with a pinch of salt. Thanks for the advice!

                                1. re: captainshen

                                  captainshen, I was thinking about going to Saigon Taipei this weekend. How are the prices? For instance, how do the produce prices compare to the regular grocery store? Is the produce fresh?

                                  1. re: QueenB

                                    Wow, it's been a very long time since you sent that! Did you ever get to go?
                                    I dont know how I feel about their produce. I prefer the things they offer but sometimes it's hit or miss. I wanted some Japanese Eggplant the other day, and they were sort of beat up and overripe. I've gotten great green onions there and lychee. What did you think, if you went?

                                    1. re: captainshen

                                      I did go, but that was a long time ago! Lol!
                                      I thought their produce was hit and miss in quality, but a much better value than the regular grocery store, especially for stuff like garlic, ginger etc.

                              2. Almost all the asian stores carry them.

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                                1. re: irodguy

                                  For South African and English staples go to Gourmet Food For U at the corner of Frankford and Hillcrest. Hirsch's in Plano is a great butcher. TJ's Fish Market in Dallas for super fresh fish. Not sure if you call them specialty markets, but they specialize and do a good job a having good quality items in their stores.

                                  1. re: hhshames

                                    How is Hirsch's price-wise? We just went to Central market this weekend and while their selection seems to be good, their meat prices seem outrageous! We just moved here from DC and we thought meat in DC was expensive….! We got some buffalo rib-eye this time and it was I think $20/lb. I’m definitely in search for a butcher that has good steaks, buffalo (steaks and ground) and lamb (chops and ground), but not break my bank eat time I want a steak or lamb chops.

                                2. I second or third the recommendation for KoMart. I used to live in irving and the large store at Beltline at Pioneer was awesome now they moved across the street to a much smaller store and they have lost some of the items that the larger store had. I also shop at the one on Royal Lane (west of 35).

                                  I also like the Carrollton New Plaza that (Frankford @ Josey) someone else has mentioned. When it first opened I thought they had excellent fish but now the fish counter has gone by the wayside a bit.

                                  I would also recommend the market (forgot the name) that is at Legacy @ 75 (Central Expressway).

                                  I have been looking for a market much like Phoenicia Specialty Foods in Houston (Westheimer a few lights west of the Beltway). This store is an absolute must if you head to Houston. This is where I get all of my spices which are imported by the store and bottled at a huge discount. Phoenicia just built a new store about 2 years ago across the street where they formally were, but their cafe has the best Shwarmas I have ever had. Anyone know the owner of Phoenicia and could ask him to build one in Dallas??

                                  1. moving to TX next year from asia... does anyone know where I can get decent asian sticky rice - specifically Japanese, though anything is better than nasty american long grain... Thanks

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                                    1. re: theatrefreak

                                      Many kinds of high-quality Asian rices are readily available here, including short- and long-grain sticky rices. Texas is a big place. What particular part are you coming to?


                                      1. re: Jim Washburn

                                        Near San Antonio... though for good rice, I would find a way to get to Houston. Thanks for the hope that I will be able to get good rice once I'm back.

                                        1. re: theatrefreak

                                          I don't know the current Asian market situation in San Antonio, but as of just a few years ago there wasn't much. The best I was aware of was Tim's Oriental Seafood on Bandera Road. It wasn't much to brag about, but they did have some decent Asian rice in stock. In Austin there are the big new MT Supermarket, Hong Kong Supermarket, MGM Indian Foods, and Ashai Imports (Japanese) that collectively should be able to supply anything you want. Also there's a huge Asian shopping district on the west side of Houston.


                                          1. re: Jim Washburn

                                            Thanks! Do you know of anything close to the college station area?

                                            1. re: theatrefreak

                                              No, I haven't been in College Station in ten years.


                                              1. re: theatrefreak

                                                Hi theatrefreak, I am not too familiar with the current situation, but when I lived in CS 3 years ago, the only Asian grocery store was a sad little storefront on Texas Ave. in Bryan (not too far north from University Dr). Because of the lack of Asian grocers but relatively large Asian population, I've noticed that the HEB stores in CS carry a decent selection of Asian items like fresh baby bok choy and Japanese eggplant and gai lan and various types of radishes in the produce section and many sauces and canned food items in the International Foods aisle. But if you're looking for something very specific, try asking that store in Bryan if they can order it for you.

                                      2. [HOU]

                                        Phoenicia Market
                                        Mi Tienda (Pasadena)
                                        Hong Kong Market (Bellaire or Scarsdale)
                                        Spec's Downtown

                                        1. I like the Asia World on 75 and Legacy, huge selection.
                                          There is also a new Korean market on Custer and Spring Creek that I have been meaning to check out.
                                          I don't care for the Saigon-Taipei on Buckingham and Shiloh
                                          Hong Kong Market on Walnut and Audelia is ok.
                                          May Hua on Park and Coit is so-so, I don't go there often so it takes me awhile to find things.
                                          Tian Tian on Greenville and Belt Line is pretty good, small, but decent selection and has many prepared Chinese dishes.

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                                          1. re: kireifresca

                                            What do you not like about the Saigon-Taipei on Buckingham & Shiloh? Same question for Hong Kong Market on Walnut and Audelia?

                                            I recently moved to TX (Richardson Specifically), and am looking for a place with a good seafood and produce selection. I would also prefer if it wasn't in a super "sketchy" area, if that makes any sense....

                                            1. re: pgwiz1

                                              I've been to Saigon-Taipei on Buckingham & Shiloh a couple of times..got the recommendation on this forum. It's pretty good - nice variety of greens, vegetables, fruit etc. I don't buy meat there. There's a mind-boggling amount of soys and other sauces to choose from. Fun to just browse the aisles.

                                              1. re: pgwiz1

                                                I like Hong-Phat Supermarket in Saigon Mall in Garland much better than Saigon-Taipei. Newer, cleaner and a wider variety of stuff.
                                                I don't like HK Market because a lot of their merchandise doesn't have price labels.
                                                I like ASSI (the Korean market on Custer/Spring Creek), but that's because they have more Japanese stuff.

                                                1. re: pgwiz1

                                                  Saigon-Taipei has gone down hill quite a bit over the last year, though they are in the process of remodeling. I still go there since they carry certain things I look for. I actually hit multiple stores in order to get everything I'm looking for:

                                                  Hong-Phat in Saigon Mall on Jupiter and Beltline

                                                  Hiep Thai on Jupiter and Walnut

                                                  "The Elephant Store" also on Walnut and Jupiter (west side of Jupiter). Don't remember the real name, my family has been calling it that for over 15 years as that's how my mom (who's Thai) called it. She can't read and so goes off landmarks and pictures and they use a big elephant on their logo.

                                                  Mekong Market on Buckingham just east of Saigon Taipei. It's a super tiny shop run by a Laotian lady and carries some Thai specialties Mom can't find elsewhere. The owner also sells fresh made to order som tom.

                                                  Asia World in Plano on Legacy.

                                                  If you're looking for already prepared food, Wat Dallas (Thai Buddhist Temple) on Stults Road just off Forest is awesome to be at on Sundays as they have various vendors selling food there. It's even better on Holidays and special occasions.

                                              2. El Rancho Grande on Coit and south of Belt Line is a nice hispanic market, with a good food court. Their pollo asado was particularly good looking. I tried some arroz con leche and hot chocolate and liked them both. I really wanted some champurrado, but they were out.

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                                                1. re: kindofabigdeal

                                                  I was about to post my question on a new post, but then saw this ongoing one thus wanted to piggyback it. I hope the initiator of the post doesnt mind. I wanted to ask the following,
                                                  if anyone knows of a local butcher that sells kosher or halal quails?

                                                  1. re: navfett

                                                    There a couple halal butchers that I pass every day on my way in to work. Not sure of the exact locations, but they're in Richardson near Belt Line and Central (maybe Spring Valley and Central). Don't know if they're any good or if they have quail, but you may want to check those places out.

                                                    1. re: txram

                                                      txram. i know of the places you are referring too. They dont have any quail. I had heard a rumor of a place in Waxahachie, but thats a bit of a drive from Denton where i live. thx for the reply. I ll keep looking and will post if i do find a place.

                                                    2. re: navfett

                                                      Not sure where you live but there is a halal butcher inside the Apna Bazaar (it's actually a small Indian/ Pakistani grocery store) at Old Denton and Whitlock-- just east of I-35 in Carrollton. They have had quail in the past but I'm not sure if they always carry it. It's a neat grocry store because they sell a lot of frozen/ convenience foods that can make for a great quick dinner. They sell frozen cauliflower naan that you defrost in a skillet (made by Pillsbury in India) that's really good.

                                                  2. there's an interesting Indian market at the corner of Independence and McDermott in Plano named Spice Rack. I know next to nothing about Indian cuisine, but they did have a real nice selection of spices (1 lb bag of ground cumin for $6.99), and a whole aisle devoted to legumes and rice. They had a small grill that made kabobs and such, and made their own roti every day the guy told me.

                                                    As an added bonus, they had this soda from India which I'd not tried before:


                                                    1. The best Italian Market in the DFW metroplex is Mandola's on Hwy. 20. They have three or four locations in Austin and their food is terrific! You can purchase breads, pastries, olives, cheeses and even order food there. They also have a glorious huge restaurant and winery located in Driftwood, Texas called Trattoria Lisina. It's worth a trip down there just to see this restaurant which has only been there for a year or so!
                                                      Sent by OLIVEGIRL

                                                      1. WORLD FOOD WAREHOUSE!! For all your indian, middle eastern and african needs. Halal butcher with great fresh lamb, beef and brilliant skinnless chicken parts cheap. Legs in particular are perfect rolled in spices and broiled. The breads are authentic and great, especially the buttery flatbread (great as pizza) warm and waiting for you at the check out counter. Great feta , olive and nut selection. Lovely baklava. much much more. You can get lost in this wonderful wicked dive!

                                                        13434 Floyd Circle
                                                        Dallas, TX 75243-1504
                                                        (972) 480-0290