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Dec 23, 2006 01:15 AM

Why oh why is the Chow tour hiding?


There used to be a link to the Chow Tour at the bottom of every Chowhound page. And though I missed the disappearance of this little link, I am feeling (and lamenting) its absence. I've been crossing over to the side to try to find the chow tour, but can never find it there.

I now have it bookmarked, but the chow tour dispatches are such a pleasure to read that it really should be more prominent.

To give a small sample (from ): "As soon as I confronted the small, pretentious brick of bread, which seemed to not only lack flavor, but to possess a sort of negative flavor that actually draws quality OUT of the eater, I should have run like the wind."

It's brilliant stuff. It breaks through the layers of fatigue and stress that engulf me these days. Please don't hide it.

  1. Yes, and when found, why is it so damned difficult to go back to, say, #17 and go forward sequentially? And why do the video links do nothing but take endless time to load? I hope this is just a blip related to site retooling, but I FINALLY have time to sit down and read/view the thing...

    1. completely agree with above posts. i had some time (and insomnia) to finally catch up on the dispatches and i was pulling my hair out looking for the Tour on the site. shouldn't it be infinitely more highlighted? it's a huge and wonderful undertaking...

      finally got to the Tour but then could only read the 10 most recent. is there actually no way to go through some sort of comprehensive archive? man, what a shame. OG chowhound Jim Leff deserves way more respect.

      1. I know. The tech/design people have said they'll eventually get to it.

        The way (in fact the ONLY way) to see earlier reports is to click on the Chow Tour image atop any of the trip reports. That brings you to the index. Click the footer on the index page to see the earlier reports, and keep that window open so you have a way to move through the feature - since there are no "next" or "previous" links on the reports).

        Good luck. If only a handful of you manage to find it, navigate through it, and feel some of the care and ingenuity I've tried to invest in this reporting, then it'll be worth it to me!


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        1. re: Jim Leff

          Thanks, that works. Am up to Winston-Salem and vastly enjoying myself.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            Now Jim, if only we could read some more reports! I'm oversaturated with the "Seafood Saturation" report that has been the last dispatch since Dec. 20th... (hint hint) :)

            1. re: Greg B

              The production people have been on holiday break. New reports should be up shortly.