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Dec 22, 2006 11:26 PM

sunkist oranges

i'm trying to find somewhere i can order regular sunkist navel oranges through the mail.

this may sound crazy - but it's true: during the supermarket strike in los angeles in 2003-04, all grocery stores affected as part of the strike stopped carrying sunkist oranges (they stopped carrying most produce). during this time, they sometimes had california grown oranges (non-sunkist). these are drastically inferior to sunkist oranges. after the strike - the supermarkets stayed with these non-sunkist oranges. i don't know why.

gelsons and whole foods has sunkist oranges from time to time and i buy a lot when they do. but i'm now living in new orleans and they don't sell sunkist oranges here either! where can i get sunkist navel oranges?! do they still grow?

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  1. This is where I order, they are the best oranges from florida

    1. We've just returned from vacationing on Sanibel Island, Florida. While there we learned that none of the citrus from Florida is allowed to be shipped into California, Arizona, and a number of other states, due to a problem with insects, I believe.
      I don't know if Sunkist is a Florida trademark, but could that explain why you're not seeing them??? We fell in love with "red navel" oranges and juiced and ate our way through a huge number of them of them while in the area. (We're from California.)

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        This has been true for years, so I doubt it's the reason behind the lack of sunkist oranges (which I was just wondering about!)

      2. As a kid in SoCal we use to drive out the Sunkist packing houses and buy boxes during Xmas when out-of-towners would visit. I remember driving out there in high school as well. I know a lot of that land has become housing but there must still be some way out there??? Okay, I looked, here's a link: I have no idea you if you can visit them or where they actually are any longer but they still grow them.

        1. Sunkist is a growers' coop in California and Arizona, selling citrus fruit and products nationally and internationally. Much of Florida's citrus production, in the central area along I-4, goes to the production of juice and there are several large coops there as well. CA and AZ have strict prohibitions on the transport of produce into those states. During the supermarket strikes however, produce disappeared because of union issues.

          Louisiana has local citrus which is excellent in season but suffered severe losses of groves from Katrina. Texas has citrus production as well and you may see that in your local stores in New Orleans along with Florida citrus. Many much prefer Florida citrus to the California grown. I'll take a Florida navel orange any day! Texas has terrific grapefruit. The wonderful Louisiana Satsumas aren't shipped out of state and are strictly seasonal - which is now! You can probably find kumquats at local farmers' markets too. Backyard citrus trees survived Katrina's floodwaters so you'll find it for the picking all over town.

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