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Dec 22, 2006 10:52 PM

Dining alone in NOLA

I'm on a road trip and I'm unexpectedly spending tonight in downtown New Orleans. I'm looking for dinner somewhere with good local food and informal (I'm by myself and I don't have a jacket handy), but not neccesarily inexpensive. CBD or French Quarter would be best; any suggestions?

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  1. Just go to Galatoire's. I'm pretty sure they'll lend you a jacket if you need one.
    Ask the waiter what to order. You'll get great food and attentive service. You won't be lonely.
    I've eaten there alone and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, but I've been to Galatoire's before and I was hoping to try something new and a bit les "fancy." Something along the lines of NOLA, which I like a lot.

    2. emeril's is very good and i actually really like palace cafe. but my best suggestion would be to take a cab over to dick & jenny's.

      1. Go to August, sit at the bar and have fun!

        1. I highly recommend NOLA.
          I sat there alone yesterday at lunch and was spoiled silly by the warm waitstaff who never made me feel alone. The food was delicious, if rich, don't miss the fantastic barbecue shrimp or the sweet potato ice cream. They are on open table so that makes it easy or, you can book.
          P.S. I am NOT an Emeril groupie, but a spoiled GRIPD San Franciscan...

          1. i sat there once for a good hour or so watching the chef's cook at the counter, and muching on dessert and coffee (i already had lunch at Uggie's, and uggie's doesn't serve dessert unless you count a Barq's or additional Bloody Mary as dessert).