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Between the Bun

Does anyone know what's going on with the business hours of this place? I've dropped by several times during the past two weeks at different times of the day and it's been closed. I've also tried calling them, but always no answer. Thanks in advance!

Between the Bun
4701 E. 3rd Street (between Arizona & Mednik)
East Los Angeles

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  1. You are correct. I too have been by 3 times the last two weeks and found it closed. It was very frustrating to drive all the way there just to find it closed. I have read good comments about the hot dogs and wanted to try the place for myself, because I have tried all the highly recommended hot dog stands around and have my favorites,two being The Weiner Factory in Sherman Oaks, and Carneys on the Sunset Strip.

    1. Great Dog, try the Adios amjgo, kind of hit or miss, they did not have lemonade when I was there.
      Good Dogs and I will try the Burgers next time. I went on a SAaturday.

      1. the owner is pretty cool too. a real chowhound.

        chili dogs are pretty good, though not exceptional.

        funny about the hours, seems like them have set hours on the menu.

        1. I know he closed for a few weeks because of construction on the street, but I thought he was back to business as usual.

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            I just checked and Sean is going to be open Regular Hours starting next Wed Dec 27, the Holidays have been hectic so he's adding some additional Employees.

          2. I don't think anybody has posted this yet, but they do have a web site, and and of this moment (6PM 12/28) there is a web coupon that you can print for a BOGO combo as their Grand Opening Special.


            1. It appears that the hours are still not regular as mentioned above and contrary to what the web site says. I've gone two times in the evening and found the lights on but nobody home. IMO this is not a good way to a great start by posting hours that are not kept. Better to underpromise and overdelivery by posting more realistic hours and opening/closing later than those hours rather then doing the opposite. How about posting a sign at least?!?

              1. I just drove by Friday night (1/12) around 6pm and it was closed. Not sure if he's closed down for a while, or just cut his hours.

                I know the construction around there reduced the traffic to one lane in each direction and it's a mess. That's probably not really good for business.

                I hope he opens up again soon.

                1. I drove by last week (April 2). The place has been closed for some time now and there appears to be still alot of road construction in the area. After probably 5 attempts to try this place, I've given up. Juan Pollo is just around the corner and so I convinced my cravings that Chicken is better than a hot dog.

                  1. Reviving this old post!!! I've driven by here a few times to go to Juan Pollo (just around the corner) The place is still closed, but now there are signs about HOT DOGS etc that look like they've recently been put up. Anybody have any news?