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Coke and peanuts

I was born and raised in the south (now transplanted in the north), but one of my southern coworkers told me of a "southern tradition" that I have never heard of.


Coke with peanuts in it. My mind can't wrap itself around the concept. Presumably some people think it's good, but have any of you tried it? What is it like?

... I may have to go to the grocery store and try this out. I am morbidly curious.

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  1. My father used to LOVE that! He used to take me out on job sites with him and we'd get the small bottles of Coke and a little bag of salted, roasted Lance peanuts and drop a couple of them in the coke at a time, take a swig and crunch a peanut. My dad spent his childhood in Alabama and moved to Arkansas, where they raised me, and everyone knew about Coke and peanuts. It's that mixture of sweet and salty (think Liquid Payday). Sounds nasty, but if memory serves me, it was pretty good.

    Of course, I was a kid, and I also thought Vienna Sausages were delicious, so take that with a grain of salt.

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      There's something that changed, and I discovered it when I tried to replicate that delightful sweet/salty taste that I grew up with.

      Glass bottles. You have to do it in glass bottles. The plastic ones don't work - or maybe I'm just imagining it - and the idea of throwing peanuts in a can of Coke is just nuts.

      Oh, and you cannot use Diet Coke for this. Ever.

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        It may not be the glass bottles as much as it is the high-fructose corn syrup. See misti's post below.

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        When I was a kid I remember this was one of my Dad's favorite things, too - except it was ususally Lance peanuts in an RC Cola. We were in Texas.

        I can't think of anything as an adult that I would refuse to eat but I hope to never see another vienna sausage for as long as I live....

      3. OK. I'm sold. I'll try almost anything once. I'll definitely go with the glass bottles too. Thanks for the tip.

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          Glass bottle cokes from mexico = no high fructose corn syrup. that's a good thing. it's better for your tummy

        2. I had a good friend whose girlfriend was addicted to coke and peanuts.

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            I always prefer sympathy, vs. peanuts

          2. I think I remember that it made the Coke foam over like in the Mentos video but not as dramatically of course http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc...

            1. Back in the 80s, when "White Trash Cooking" first came out, I bought a copy as a Xmas gift for my Dad, who was born and raised in the Ozarks. It had a recipe for coke and peanuts, called The Quick Pick Me Up (there was also a "healthier" version called The Low-Cal Pick Me Up, using Tab and dry roasted peanuts). I laughingly told him about it, and he said he ate it all the time at work, and his California co-workers thought it was the most odd, disgusting thing.

              Of course, being a Pepsi man, he substituted that for Coke.

              1. I grew up in eastern Tennessee and we also had coke and peanuts. I have to chuckle at everyone's specific descriptions - I'd forgotten about Lance peanuts, but not their orange Nip Chee Crackers! My mother loved the combination during her childhood, especially when visiting her grandparents tobacco farm in North Carolina. What I'm curious about it Laverne's milk & Pepsi combination...

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                  Ahh..milk and Pepsi. Take a tall glass, add ice. Pour in milk to come one quarter up the glass. Add Pepsi or Coke. Stir slightly with a spoon. Enjoy.

                  This was a favorite of my mother's. She was from Michigan. Maybe it's a Mid-west thing.

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                    I tried it after seeing it on the L&S show, and liked it. It's a not-bad imitation of an egg cream.

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                    I had forgotten about milk and Pepsi! My Mom (RIP) used to talk about egg creams at Nordi's drug store in Irvington, N.J. in the 1940's. I'll have to try this and see what it tastes like. She also used to mention Awfull Awfull's also. Any idea what they are?

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                      Awful Big...Awful Good.

                      It was a milkshake/ice cream drink.

                      I grew up with the Fribble.

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                        In Reno, there's the Awful Awful burger, served at the Wolf Den, that has a long history here. And it means "awful big"..."awful good." And it is.

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                          I believe the ice cream version hs history in New England....Newport Creamery...and later Friendley's...the latter which morphed into the Fribble.

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                            I'll take this one, thanks :)


                            (Could only get the link, not the pic itself to copy)

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                        In the late 60s, John's Awful Awful ("Awful big, awful good") was a local drive-in. Our neighbor called it "The Awful" and used to grab a carful of kids and head over for cokes on a hot afternoon. No dine in and so no air conditioning, but some nice picnic tables back under the trees. It was a huge treat.

                    2. Actually, Mountain Dew with peanuts offers a superior taste experience. Now, for your next assignment, learn to make Frito Pies.(Much better than fruitcake for the holidays.)

                      1. RC Cola was the drink of choice with peanuts in my neck of the woods.

                        1. Well I asked the wife about this and she said that her mom would always grab a coke and bag of salted nuts when on a road trip.


                          1. Well I bought some Coke and peanuts and tried this. Pretty good. Tasted like... well... Coke with peanuts. I got the glass bottles, but the ones I purchased still had the high fructose corn syrup. I think next time I'm in work I'll try this at lunch and freak out all my Yankee coworkers. :-)

                            I discussed this with my dad and he wanted to know where this started. Anyone know?

                            1. So I was at dinner tonight and in passing I mentioned having coke and peanuts as a kid and my wife looked at me like I had lost my mind, so I got online to get some more info on it to see if, in fact, I was out of my mind. My Dad introduced me to C&Ps as a kid back in the late 70s. It's funny, I grew up in Dallas (very big city, right?) and my wife split time between Wyoming and China of all places (where her mom taught English), and SHE always looks at ME like I'm the one who is out of my mind when I bring these little gems from my childhood up. She also had a good laugh when I warned her that our daughter was "fixin' to tump over" her tricycle a few year back.

                              1. Did the salted roasted peanuts with Pepsi (not Coke - sorry) thing. Absolutely my new favorite snack! The combo of the salty and sweet was perfect - almost as good as chocolate covered salted nuts. Yum!

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                                  My pa introduced me to C&P here in Lubbock, Texas back in the early 70s. Haven't tried it since then. Pa passed away in '06 (requiescat in pacem). Looks like it's high time to revisit an old tradition.

                                2. I grew up in middle Tennessee, and it was Pepsi or RC + Lance salted peanuts. My grandfather ran a little country store, and the farmers would always pick this up as a snack because they could use one hand to drive their tractors, and the other hand to hold both their food and drink. Very practical!

                                  I used to LOVE this when I was little, but by the time I was about 8, I had grown deathly allergic to peanuts. One sweet day there will be some sort of drug that will allow me to eat peanuts again, and without question, this will be the very first way I eat peanuts again. In a glass bottle, of course.

                                  1. With us it was Dr. Pepper and peanuts. This was in eastern North Carolina.

                                    1. We grew up with this treat! It was great when traveling, because when Daddy stopped for gas we got a bottle of coke out of the machine and peanuts from inside while he was getting the gas. (This was full service stations... no stations with "stores" then) Now, I usually just have both and put peanuts in my mouth and take a swig before I eat them. It's also mentioned in Chrystal Gayle's song I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool.

                                      1. CORRECTION: It was Barbara Mandrell, not Chrystal Gayle.

                                        1. My brother and I did this in the 70s in southern Missouri, always with Dr. Pepper. I don't think I liked it as much as he did, but it was okay.

                                          1. Did it in NC as any early teen - but always with Dr. Pepper and peanuts.

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                                                Sorry carolinadawg - I didn't see that this is such an old thread!

                                            1. I was born and raised in Wisconsin but moved to Texas about five years ago. I used to get together with a group of guys about once a week at a game shop that had vending machines and other snacks and we were often there for 4-5 hours at a time, so people would either bring snacks or buy them. One of the guys who'd come on a regular basis was a Texas native and introduced me to Coke and peanuts. I remember the first time I saw it; he bought a 20oz bottle of Coke and a small vending machine bag of peanuts and dumped the whole bag into the bottle when I wasn't paying attention, so all I saw later on were these white bits floating around in his bottle of Coke. I think my reaction was something along the lines of, "What the hell happened to your Coke!?"

                                              I always wanted to try it, but being allergic to peanuts sort of puts a damper on that.

                                              1. .. we had coke and peanuts in the 60's in Minnesota also......and for some reason I believe we called it a Cincinnati Coke..... has anyone heard that name before?