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Dec 22, 2006 09:38 PM

Top Island Chinese Restaurant

A new Chinese restaurant opened in Alhambra yesterday called Top Island. It is at the same location were Sea Star Buffet used to be. I went today for dim sum at 1115 and had to wait about 10 minutes for a table. When I left about an hour later there were lots of people waiting.

All dim sum dishes here are $1.88 (weekday price). I had the usual dishes like siu mai, har gow, cheung fun, dan tat, egg rolls, jook, chow fun, fung jow & choi sum. I liked the siu mai, kind of reminded me of they way Tai Hong used to make them. The fung jow were large and cooked soft the way I like. The jook had lots of thousand year old egg. Tea/setting charge is 88 cents p/p. They serve dim sum here with trolleys. I didn't like their napkins here, they just give you several paper napkins which are similar to kleenex.

When I left I saw some different items coming out so I'll have to come back and try them. Also their newspaper ad says they have a free crab special during dinner hours. Not sure what the min. requirements are for this though.

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  1. Great job sniffing out the new place.

      1. Out of curiosity we went to Top Island for Christmas morning dim sum. Weekend and holiday's are $2.08/dish and 88 cents/person set up. By 8:30am it was about 90% full. Think people are attracted by the curiosity of a new place and the prices. ROM (run of the mill) dim sum, nothing outstanding but adequate. Their luncheon menu specials priced at $4.75.

        1. Went back here for dinner and got my free crab. The deal works like this: if you have 5 or less people in your party you get 1 free crab, 6 or more people and you get 2 free crabs. I saw lots of families here tonite eating some nice sized crabs.

          The restaurant was full at around 700PM and the kitchen seems kind of slow at dinner time.

          1. Went back here for dinner tonight and the place is still packed. So packed that the head waiter angered some tables (including mine) by trying to rush our dinner. We were still eating (lots of food on our table) when we were presented with our bill and dessert. After a short slightly heated conversation our bill was taken back and not presented until we finished our meal and requested it. When I left we heard one of the employees tell a senior couple that "they should leave because they would not be getting a table for only two." Not cool.