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Dec 22, 2006 09:35 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in Sunnyside

Does anyone have ideas for good places to hold a rehearsal dinner in Sunnyside or nearby in Mid-August? We're having the ceremony & reception in Manhattan but would love to do the rehearsal dinner here in our own neighborhood. I'm having trouble since most places I'm thinking of don't have enough space -- de mole would be perfect, but it's too small. I'm hoping it will be about 30 people or less. Are there any restaurants that I would actually choose to eat in that have private dining rooms? I'm thinking: not too expensive, laid back and above all good food. No specifics as to cuisine, but we need food that we will love, and options that our less adventurous out-of-town guests will be comfortable eating.


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  1. You soooooo have to check out Tangra Asian Fusion on Queens Blvd at 39th Pl. The room is big and baroque and has been through about three incarnations. The food ranges from easy to take chinese to exotic expressions of chinese food you would get at a chinese restaurant located in New Delhi. Order lots of the lollipop chicken.

    1. What about Quaint or Bliss on Skillman ave? Both have nice outdoor seating areas, which might work for you, especially in August. I have found Quaint has improved their menu, possibly
      because of a new chef. I must admit I haven't been to Bliss in a while, but I'm sure it'd be a nice atmosphere for a large group party like that.

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        Quaint would be lovely, but again their indoor space is rather small and I'm wary of having an outdoor space in August -- I certainly remember some miserable days last summer.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. They weren't offering enough specials, and with only 5 or so entrees on the menu, it got pretty monotonous for me pretty quickly. I've been there about twice in the last month or so and it's nice to see they're offering more specials. Plus, they've changed up their entrees as well, giving more of a variety. I find the new dishes are more interestingly flavoured...perhaps due to a new chef?

          1. i think she was referring to the terrible weather - not the food! ;-)

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              strange. i was replying to a different poster who asked me to elaborate on the food improving at quaint. now i don't see that post. oh well. yes, august can be tough, heat-wise. didn't think of that. What about Mario's?