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Dec 22, 2006 09:00 PM

Scalloped potatoes-make ahead?

I have 10 people coming for Christmas Eve dinner at my house, but I'll be away until mid-day (I hope) that day. The scalloped potatoes are the only thing on the menu that I'm concerned about; has anyone successfully made them ahead of time and reheated?

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  1. I might assemble it and par bake it to help keep the potatoes from turning color and then finish it off just before. Be sure to use cream so the sauce does not get curdly.

    1. I think they should be just fine...they always are when i reheat them. You could undercook, then finish off the cooking when you get home....

      1. I routinely make scalloped potatoes a day or two or three ahead, since I find them to be more flavorful that way. I bake them about 15 minutes less than the recipe calls for, cool them, cover them with a paper towel and then plastic wrap and refrigerate. To reheat, bring them to close to room temperature, if you have time for that, and bake about 30 minutes at 350°. If they are refrigerator cold, they will take a good 45 minutes to reheat. These potatoes are very flexible. They do not discolor with this treatment.