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Dec 22, 2006 08:08 PM

Sarasota - Get real .... any good Greasy Spoons?

OK, Irwin, Nick (in absentia)and the rest of you local posters, you must be harboring some guilty pleasures in the form of greasy spoons. I'm talking funky, colorful and good like the Hob Nob Drive-in, which may be courting borderline respectability were it not for the ever-present line-up of Harley's driven mostly by real, tattoo'd bikers, not temporarily flush faux palazzo flippers.

What have you? I'm thinking like the above Hob Nob, the uber greasy El Rincon de Gordo (Whitfield Ave. in Bradenton), heavenly, but grungy, Gold Star Donuts adjacent to Gordo's (no sit-down, just OTC fantastic donuts), Maybe the Waffle Stop across from Sarasota Ford on 301 (thanks to the Elvis kitch and knowing that my name is "Hon").

So, otherwise sophisticated Sarasotans, what'cha been hiding? Step up to the (greasy) plate.

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is Chef Paul's, 4900 N. Tamiami. It definitely fits the bill for greasy, which isn't saying that the food is great, but it might be what you're looking for. I know people that go there for the eggs benedict. Personally, I would go for the corned beef hash. Mi Tierra on 301 also does a good greasy breakfast, the "desayuno montanero," which I believe is rice, beans, plantains, steak and eggs, with a cafe con leche. That's about all I can think of. Most of the time, if I was going out for breakfast on the weekends it was for tacos or posole somewhere in Bradenton or Oneco.

      Hickory Hollow BBQ Rt 301 Ellenton
      Crab Trap II Rt 301 Ellenton
      A's Giant Sandwiches: 6300 S. Tamiami--near Stickey Point Road
      Yoders: 3434 Bahia Vista Excellent home cooked food
      Now for Hamburgers--you must try these:
      Old Packinghouse Bar & Grill near RT 75 off Fruitville Exit210
      New Pass Bait Shop and Grill: On right just b/4 Longboat Key
      Now for Pizza: Thanks for asking:
      Demetrio's 4410 So. Tamiami--wow-all their products are good
      Shaners Bar-Clark Road--heard only good things
      Hob-Nob is terrible.. Dirty, smelly, hack chefs,instant diarrea

      I went to Yoders today for lunch. Could not decide. They had over 2000 pies ready for pickup today. I had a hamburger, with well done fried onions. It was the best I have ever had.

      For Breakfast I highly recommend the following:
      Blue Dolphin-St Armands Circle or their Longboat location.
      Oasis Cafe--3542 So. Ospray Excellent chef/owner/baker
      The Third watch-downtown--sucks
      Yoders-the best
      The Serving Spoon-On Ospray--sucks!
      The Waffle Stop--dirty, grimy, hack chef-sucks
      C'est La Vie-Main St-excellent-french-clean-great variety
      Dutch Valley-6721 So.Tamiami-good waffles
      What else do you want to know?
      I usually sell these lists for $500, but please send in a donation for any Christmas Fund for Children!
      Hope you try these and enjoy. Would like your feedback?
      Good Luck, Stay Healthy, I R W I N

      1. Guys, thanks for the guidance.

        Nick, both sound like winners and will be tried soon.

        Irwin, you have a lot of new names for me to try. That's good, since I agree with most of your recommendations - past and present - which I greatly enjoy (Yoders, Blue Dolphin, Old Packinghouse, Hickory Hollow). Likewise on the negatives, though I do differ on Hob Nob thanks to heritage, the every-seat-has-a-view of the panorama that is 301 and 17th, and an occasionally very good breakfast scramble. As for tummy upsets, years of 3rd world travel has left me with a cast-iron stomach.

        On some of my newer tries, a small new Mexican "Sabrositas" (I think) on 17th just before Lockwood Ridge has wonderful tacos, especially the carnitas, Maria's Chicken on 12th and Tuttle is very good and cheap.

        Now, speaking of grease, if only there was decent Chinese nearby. Ho's Garden was mediocre - which made it a step above any other I have tried in the region.

        Thanks for the leads. May the coming year be fulfilling. Nick, I trust you are enjoying new discoveries on the other coast .

        1. SMOKEDBUTT:
          Its me again--Irwin
          Re: C H I N E S E :)
          I guess I will tell you about two chinese restaurants in Sarasota that I tried, and they are not bad at all.
          A) On University Parkway a few doors down from WAL-MART. The chef-owner is in the kitchen, and the food is not bad, but real frest and very inexpensive.
          B) At the end of Fruitville Road in the mall with TARGET. Its on the end of the strip mall nearer RT 75. Its really not bad, big selection, good service, and clean....
          D) Mrs. Chen's on 41 South is a little better, but again, not that good. Her selection is limited, and her bathrooms are very dirty, which tells me something.
          Good Luck....
          I R W I N

          1. had fantastic burgers (and fries) at new pass bait shop...also, the pancakes and omelletes are very good at blue dolphin in st. armands.