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Dec 22, 2006 06:24 PM

Parents Anniversary Dinner

I'm planning to take my parents out to dinner for their anniversary and it happens to fall during Restaurant Week! I'm looking for a place with great food for restaurant week. I've been to some restaurants for RW that served small portions... disappointing.
Thank you in advance!!

Please help:

The Caucus Room
701 Restaurant
Bistro Bis
Finn & Porter

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  1. I avopid restaurants during restuarant week but I can comment on a few of the restaurants.

    I was very disppointed with B. Smiths. Neither the ambiance or the food was very good. Check your bill. They charged me for for an item than whatthe menu said [it was mere coincidence that I spotted it.}

    701 Restaurant is under rated. The ambiance and the food were great. Quiet dining room, great service, adn a jazz piano player. I think your parent swouldliek this a lot.

    Dish is small, crowded adn not nearly as good as Notti Bianche [by the same owner and chef] just two blocks away.

    Ceiba is bit over rated and a bit eclectic in its menu. I have nothing bad to say about the food but I'd check the menu before taking your parents.

    Bistro Bis is good food with an upscale French bistro menu. I am sure your parents would like this [but I still recommend 701].

    1. Ceiba, like its siblings Ten Pehn and Acadiana, is a good options for Restaurant Week. The full menu is offered for the entrees with an upcharge only one or two of the items. The appetizer and dessert courses are limited but not so limited that most diners won't be able to find something appealing.

      That said, I'm not sure Ceiba has an appealing menu for anyone who isn't a reasonably adventuresome eater. We happen to have reservations for Ceiba for this upcoming RW and friends who were supposed to be joining us had to cancel. We're now struggling to identify another couple among our friends who would enjoy Ceiba's cuisine.

      I'd recommend Bistro Bis from the list you posted. You should know, however, that Bistro Bis's menu is quite limited during RW. Once you're considering places with limited choices, why not think about Seasons in the Four Seasons Hotel (Georgetown). Their RW menu is also very limited, but the total RW experience is a bit more elegant and anniversary appropriate than Bistro Bis.

      Season's summer RW menu included only two choices for each course, but everyone in our party was thrilled with his/her choices. (I think the two appetizer courses included a seared scallop preparation or yellow gazpacho with a savory sorbet. I know the entrees include a fish option and a chicken option.) The food was delicious -- top quality ingredients prepared with care and, particularly in the case of the dessert, great imagination. Seasons is a physically beautiful space, really appropriate for parents celebrating an anniversary.

      The service at the summer RW was just as gracious as the times we've dined there full price. For example, when we sat down, we were given both the regular menu and the RW menu. The host graciously said, "I'm giving you the regular menu, too. I thought you might want to see what our regular menu looks like in case you have a good experience tonight." This is so much nicer than restaurants that hand diners the regular menu during RW and look disdainful when asked for the special RW menu.