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Dec 22, 2006 06:22 PM

Fresh Cranberries in Calgary?

My local Safeway says they have beeen out for 3 weeks. I haven't looked elsewhere to find them but a friend in Atlanta says she can't find fresh cranberries either. Does anyone know if there is a cranberry blight or something I should know about before I run all over town?

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  1. The Safeway I recently went to, corner of 37th St. and Richmond Rd. SW, had bags of them tucked away at the back of the produce section. I'm sure the Westhills ones had some last time I was in too.

    1. I tried Crowfoot Safeway again (just before closing, I hate crowds) and no cranberries.

      No way I'm going near a supermarket today. I guess we're stuck with canned.