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Dec 22, 2006 06:16 PM

Lost Restraunt

Lost Restraunt
I am looking for ionformation on a New Orleans restraunt possibly destroyed in huricane Katrina.

It was called Blue Moon Pradise, or something very similar.
It was a Creole, Cajun, Jamacin blend.
It was owned and managed by a man named Jaden Chartinee(spelling may be wrong)
He was a family friend and we have not been able to get any info his location or if he survived.
I know that this is an odd thing to place here, but it seemed right.

I do hope that I got this in the right forum as I was haveing a difficult time finding the button for posting new topics!

Thanks a bunch


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  1. Try There is an interactive Q & A section.
    Perhaps if you post there, someone will recognize the name of the restaurant or the person you seek.
    It will help if you give the location of the place or at least the neighborhood. There were so many small places called by different names over the years as they changed owners.
    I hope that you succeed in finding your old friend.

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    1. re: MakingSense

      Thankyou Making sense.
      His restraunt was in the French quarter.
      The front was set back a bit from the street and blue, thus the Blue Moon.


      1. re: martela

        Hello Martela -- if his restaurant was in the french quarter, it is most likely completely fine, outside of possible roof damage. I have no recollection of and can find nothing even close to matching the restaurant you describe. The only jamaican places I know of past or present were Palmer's, Boswell's and Cafe Negril. This last one was one Frenchman, near the quarter, but closed down well before Katrina. I think it was painted blue, though.

        I'm sure your friend is fine, many people had to relocate very quickly, and he may no longer have contact information for people. Was his name possibly Charbonnet? That's a pretty common name around here.