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Grill on the Alley in BH - - Unpleasantly Surprised

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Went to the Grill this week. . .was very excited after hearing many good things about it. But, I have to say --- it was just average. In fact, it was worse than average. I ordered ahi which was so/so. Salads were kind of blah. My SO had steak which he wasn't too thrilled about. Definitely will not be returning, especially since the dinner was so expensive! The food was good quality, just not that special. Anyone else out there feel the same way? Don't get the hype on this place!

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  1. Me neither.
    We went probably 3 or four times, quality-to-price ratio consistently too low.
    It's one of those places this board loves to praise and I'll never get it.
    Reminds me the now defunct Amuse Cafe in Venice...

    1. Grill on the Alley is Marie Callendar's with better ingredients.

      1. "The food was good quality" -- that part of your review I can understand. If you came to the Grill for exotic preparations or haute cuisine, you came to the wrong place. The Grill is about quality ingredients, simply and properly prepared. And the service is the best in town.

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          I have to say that I found neither of these to be true. My wife and I both have had steaks there and the quality of the steaks was average albeit simple. The service was rushed and arrogant and no where near the best in town imo, even in LA where service is frequently an afterthought.

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            the service is best in town as described in myriad articles on that very point. your experience is an outlier.

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              The Grill on the Alley is Sacred.

        2. Like The Polo Lounge, The Grill is a unique Beverly Hills institution best appreciated for its distinct vibe and excellent, welcoming service – but not particularly for its merely competent food.

          1. When I think of the grill, I'm thinking - Martini's! Aside from that they have one really great thing on there menu, and I would go there soley for - (Their)Crab louie Salad. It's really terrific. The rest of their menu is very "Pedestrian"

            1. The Grill is an institution and for my money when all things are considered the best steakhouse in town as well as the best celebrity hang of a certain kind. Think Dominick Dunne as opposed to Paris Hilton. As far as the steaks go I love the rich char they give you a little more than the buttery component of Ruth's Chris. Understand, I wouldn't turn down either. (They also have the best sides, one of the best Cobb salads and a hot fudge sundae and strawberry shortcake that compete favorably with the more trendy dessert attempts of the fresh herb/designer chocolate variety.)

              But it is also true that the Grill is part of that elite club type restaurant that caters to a substantial regular VIP clientele. (It used to be that Spago was the CAA house while the Grill on the Alley belonged to William Morris. But times change and now there are more agencies than cuts of beef.) Like Spago they want to please everyone and continually raise the ante for the regulars. Sometimes at the unintended expense of the first time or unfamiliar diner. Not always. But when they hit it right. They're out of the ballpark.

              Solo dining at the bar at lunch is one of the town's best dining experiences.