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Dec 22, 2006 05:30 PM

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

Greetings to fellow hounds out there! I am pleased to be a new "hound" to the Philadelphia area. My wife and I are looking for the 10 best restaurants in Mont CO to entertain our taste buds with a few rules: 1) taste is absolute 2) plate prices should be reasonable (i.e. $10-20)3)they should be in the burbs of phila. I can't wait to hear your suggestions! Viva la chow!

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  1. As Mont Co is large, be a bit more specific to what area you are in/around, especially since some good restaurants border

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      Hello pamd. As to narrow the region I am around the Royersford area but am quite adventurous as far as distance goes. Thanks for the post!

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        I second all of the recomendations you have received, but you need to add Majolica in Phoenixville to your list. It's a tiny, chef-owned BYO that has food on par with any of the top Center City restaurants (as well as places like Savona). The menu is small, and changes with the seasons, but the food is unreal. I couldn't recomend it more highly.

    2. Arpeggio (a BYOB in Spring House), comes up a lot on the PA board (deservedly). Great value, excellent food.

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        I second Arpeggio in Spring House. However, it tends to get a bit loud in there.

        I've always had success with La Campagnola in Lansdale, on South Broad Street. Also Cravings Cafe in North Wales, on Welsh Road, they have an eclectic menu and really great gourmet meals for a strip-mall restaurant.

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          La Campagnola has the unfriendliest staff I've every encountered.

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            I love the staff - they are a little different but it's a family owned restaurant and it feels like you're eating with family. GREAT food - MUST get the specials!!

      2. BTW, you should also look at the replies to the posting about dinner recommendations within 30 minutes of Ambler or Warminster.

        1. try Black Lab in Phoenixville- great food! (actually Chester Co, but not far from Royersford) Also, Twin Bays Cafe- oh, but the plate prices are a bit higher at these.

          If you like Indian cuisine- definitely hit Malvern area (Indian Row)- plenty of threads on here about the different restaurants. Also, hit Classic Diner for breakfast or lunch (only open until 3pm daily)- it's great (not really a diner)

          1. The Columbia House is right near you, in Royersford I think.
            We have been there twice and the food and service were good.
            Also, The Sly Fox Brewery has two locations, if you like microbrewpubs. It has actually been better than it had been, as far as food goes. Usually it is the other way around!

            Good luck!

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              Columbia Bar and Grill is in Phoenixville, Chester County. Plate prices for dinner are in the $20-mid$30 range.

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                Thanks for the clarification.
                We were there for lunch only, so far.