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Dec 22, 2006 05:16 PM

Who will endure the Ferry Building this Saturday?

I plan to arrive no later than 8 a.m., but I suspect the crowds will be unbearable even at that hour. I will try to stick to my shopping list, but you know how THAT goes.

One Question:
Does anyone know if Prather Ranch or Golden Gate Meat sell veal stock?

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  1. I wiil. I am a little scared, but will keep my head down and try to get in and get out.
    Not sure about the veal stock, probably BL will make it for you, but it may be your most expensive holiday purchase...

    1. My father has recently discovered his "inner Rachel Ray," and he's in town this weekend so we'll be there. However, since we live just above Alemany, we'll do the bulk of our shopping there at dark o'clock.

      The Ferry Plaza will be more of a sightseeing trip around 9-ish or so. I think we'll take BART from the Mission just to avoid parking & traffic woes. Do you know if all the vendors will be out on Sat?

      1. Golden Gate Meat has veal stock.

        With a little luck it will rain in the morning and keep the hordes away.

        1. I use Golden Gate's veal stock all the time and it is excellent. If they don't have any in the fridge just ask, because they make stocks on Saturday morning early and will have some in back.

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            Thanks! Good to know! The sauce I want to make for my rack of lamb calls for veal stock & I really wanted to avoid using frozen.

          2. We thoroughly enjoyed the Ferry Building one day before Christmas last year (that was a Saturday). We had no trouble getting bar seats at Hog Island, though the Market was somewhat depleted by the time we rolled in at a comfortable 11:00 AM.

            SF isn't as crowded around Christmastime, so don't worry too much. Wonderful time for the two of us, very civilized. Wish I could go with you tomorrow! Though a bit later in the day, to be sure....8 AM is so uncivilized.....:)