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What's your favorite type of pie such as apple, mincemeat, etc? (We'll save pizza pie for another day)

Oh, my mother makes the best Easter meat pie and ricotta pie. My favorite that I make now is good 'ol apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream.

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  1. Butterscotch Meringue
    Peanut Butter Cream
    Lemon Meringue
    Dutch Apple
    Lemon Ricotta

    1. Pecan
      Lemon (no meringue)
      Chocolate French Silk

      Unfortunately none of these are on my Christmas menu!

      1. Maine wild blueberry pie with chocolate ice cream!

        1. Oh my! Pick a favorite pie? That's tough. I don't think I've ever met a pie I didn't like.

          I love fruit pies of all kinds, but especially a fresh peach or blueberry in the summer. Apple in the fall, of course. Cranberry-apple for Thanksgiving.

          My grandmother made a lemon whipped cream pie that was also a summer family favorite. She made the world's best pie crust, something I, unfortunately, did not inherit.

          Mincemeat at Christmas, always, even better with a shot of bourbon in the filling. I eat it for breakfast for the week between Christmas and New Year's. This was another habit inherited from grandmom.

          I would sell my soul for a really good banana cream pie, however I haven't had a good one in ages.

          Sweet potato! When I discovered this when making my first Thanksgiving dinner, it was a revelation!

          Turkey pot pie after Thanksgiving. Quiche for a nice Sunday brunch.

          I think I have a piecrust addiction...I need some pie...

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            In your opinion, what makes a "really good banana cream pie" versus a not so good one?

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              when I was on the East Coast, I would order pie in diners. A bad one was made with the equivalent of banana pudding, bad whipped cream and a graham cracker crust (blech!). Good BCP would have a real banana custard, real, lightly sweetened cream and a great pastry crust. They just seem hard to come by out here in So. California. I should just make one myself. I'd make a nilla wafer crust, since I can't make a pie crust to save my life. Cruel fate!

          2. I make a wonderful (if I do say so myself) apple/cranberry streusel pie. Everyone loves and looks forward to it.

            1. My homemade apple pie at Thanksgiving

              Key lime pie anytime else.

              1. Pecan, made with a combo of cane syrup and molasses. Soooo good.

                1. I make a kickin key lime pie which I love. I really like peach pie and apple pie with raisins and cinnamin as well. Shoo fly pie fromn the Amish is nice too and different. Happy Holidays.

                  1. buttermilk

                    Mississippi mud


                    Dutch apple struesel

                    1. Fresh peach pie. Or peach cream cheese pie from The Lunch Pail in Modesto, CA.

                      1. Any, except custard or raisin, but here are the ones I love best:

                        - Mincemeat (preferably the oldfashioned kind with meat and brandy)

                        - Lilikoi

                        - strawberry-rhubarb

                        - pecan

                        - Shaker lemon

                        ...and the best ever was in the Anchorage Westward Hotel coffee shop: rich, flaky crust, semisweet chocolate filling, topped with barely-sweetened whipped cream and curls of bitter chocolate. Over forty years ago and I still drool at the memory!

                        1. Coconut Custard...with a true custard...just eggs or yolks cream or milk....no starch additions such as corn starch or flour....with a blind baked pate sucree crust....!

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                            Okay...I think I could make an exception to my no-custard rule for that one!

                          2. Peach pie
                            Shoofly pie
                            Banana Cream Pie
                            Fresh Strawberry Pie

                            1. mmmm mince tarts for breakfast around Christmas time, all dusted in icing sugar, and I see I'm not the only one.

                              Pecan pie made with golden syrup.

                              Deep dish apple pie.

                              I would love to taste a real key lime pie.

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                                Athena - are you U.S. based or international? I've never seen anyone mention golden syrup (although I'm sure it has been), and I have it to make ANZAC biscuits on occasion after trying them at a coffeeshop in an antique store. What else do you use it for?

                                And you can buy real key lime juice online to make a key lime pie - it's not quite the same as squeezing the tiny key limes yourself, but it does in a pinch!

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                                  I get Lyle's Golden Syrup in my local, Indiana grocery stores with no problem. I thought it was pretty widely available.

                                  1. re: Candy

                                    It is now. When I first went looking for Lyles about 10-12 years ago, I couldn't find it in in the Boston area. Had to special-order it from an Aussie importer website.

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                                      It is a UK product. Seems to be everywhere now, but Bloomington, IN has a major university with students from all over the world. I used to work with a major grocery locally being sure that all of the needs were met. Trying to get Indianapolis grocery buyers to understand the need for 25/50 lb. bags of rice was a boggle for them. Lyles was always on the shelf. I guess we were lucky. Getting Thomas' English Muffins stocked was like pulling teeth and don't even talk to me about trying to get Enteman's stocked. The Thomas' originaly came in frozen and boy did the frozen foods mgr. squawk about having to give up freezer space for them. But did they sell? Well yeah! Never could get bialys stocked. Still a dearth here. When we first came in late summer '81 we had to order lox from the local Jewish Sunday school when they were having a fund raiser. Oh and buying any alcohol on a Sunday? Forget it, and the backwards hoosier state still has a ban. Out of here ASAP. Can't wait to kick the dust off of my heels.

                                      1. re: Candy

                                        Wow - I've had Thomas' English Muffins available even when I was growing up in northern NJ.

                                        As for buying alcohol on Sundays....I've lived in central PA (rigid state store system) and now in MA - so I know the pain you're going through. Massachusetts has only recently allowed it statewide.

                                        1. re: LindaWhit

                                          Wait, there's a problem getting Thomas' English Muffins?

                                          They were EVERYWHERE when I was a kid in Central NJ, it took me years to find out they didn't have a monopoly on English muffins!

                                          1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                            Wait, there's a problem getting Thomas' English Muffins?

                                            Not anywhere I've ever been! In fact, whenever the Thomas' weren't in the stores and I had to buy something else, I had a hard time eating them. Nothing is like a Thomas's English Muffin.

                                1. Pecan made without any syrup of any kind. Butter. eggs, brown sugar and bourbon

                                  Sour Cream Apple with Strusel topping

                                  Shaker Lemon

                                  Lemon Chess

                                  Blueberries and Cream

                                  Blueberry Buttermilk Tart


                                  Those are the tops that come to mind for me. I used to make a wicked rich chocolate pie that I'd drizzle with rum. Sometimes top with a meringue sometimes with whipped cream. That was when I was much younger and did not worry about calories and carbs that much.

                                  1. My grandpa's favorite pie was chocolate with meringue and my grandma used to make it for him as a special treat.

                                    My dad's cafeteria had every kind of pie, and they were all good. I like them all, except custard. But my favorites are peach and cherry.

                                    1. Our favorite market sells a "Fruits of The Forest" pie. It's fantastic. Berries, peaches, apples. If I don't have time to bake, I'll buy that.

                                      In college my roommate worked as a pie baker and I still have fond memories of "pie for dinner" ...of course we ate the ugly pies the market couldn't sell...but they were still delicious.

                                      1. I love savory pies. A friend's mom makes the best salmon fish pie with rice, mushroom, onions and boiled eggs. Yummy. The best comfort food.

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                                          Ah, kulibyaka/coulibiac. Love that stuff.

                                        2. Key Lime.
                                          Black Forest Berry.

                                          1. I'm not a huge pie fan, but there are two kinds that I always have to sample when faced with them:

                                            Banana Cream Pie and fresh Strawberry Pie.

                                            1. I love to make pie, but tend have a tiny slice and give away the rest- my favorites are...


                                              1. Apple.
                                                Coconut custard.
                                                Key lime.

                                                1. Almost all fruit pies whenever I can get my hands on terrific fruit-- my personal favorites are blenheim apricot, boysenberry, rhubarb (no strawberries!), and sour cherry. My husband loves peach, apple-cranberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and blackberry.

                                                  I don't like a lot of custard pies, especially key lime, choco-extravaganzas, etc. but I do have a fondness for a good banana cream or black bottom once in a while.

                                                  1. Apple.





                                                    Cherry ain't bad either ...

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                                                      OK, so no one needs to pass a slice of pumpkin pie to you ipsedixit, huh? :-)

                                                    2. Chicken Pot Pie

                                                      Paulette's Kaluha Ice Cream Pie with Coconut Crust. Mmmmm

                                                      1. A Mennonite woman I know in Inola, Oklahoma travels every July 100 miles to a farm near the small town of Porter, to get a certain variety of peach at the peak of harvest. She then bakes it into pies, with an ethereal cream sauce. She makes the pie just once a year ...and she won't give her own sister the recipe.

                                                        She's the same woman who saved our Christmas dinner:

                                                        1. strawberry-rhubarb

                                                          coconut cream


                                                          banana cream

                                                          sweet potato

                                                          1. Peacan
                                                            oh and my granny's chocolate pie


                                                            1. apple pie - any variety
                                                              strawberry rhubarb

                                                              1. Mrs. Jfood's Apple Crumb Pie using a varoation of a receipe from Kathleen's Bake Shop Recipe Book. We experimented with a different type of apple every week this apple season and the winner is.....Gala.