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Dec 22, 2006 04:34 PM

Cuban in Miami

We're looking for what Chowhounds would call "the best Cuban restaurant in Miami." Any thoughts?

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    1. Hole-in-the-wall or white tablecloths? Different menus, different strengths.

      1. Luis /galindo's Latin American is my new place for bueno bonito y barato cuisine cubano!

        57th ave red road just south of calle 8 sw 8th st in the mia,. no relation to the old coral way store...I'm still searching for the real story.

        It's a little far from thebeach, but that's ok, avoid rush hours and it's a short ride.

        1. I'm far from an expert, but when in Miami, I always go to Versailles.....

          1. 'Papo Llega y Pon' World Famous Pan con Lechon Emporium

            17th Ave and 29th Alapattah in the MIA aka Dominican Town

            Don't be fooled though, this institution is 100% cubano VAYA!